Agriculture wastewater

Treat agriculture wastewaters for reuse, maximize recoveries and preserve value.

ElectroChem Advanced Electrodialysis can treat saline agricultural wastewater for reuse: preserve ions of value (calcium) while removing the pollutants (sodium).

ElectroChem Advanced Electrodialysis can bolt-on to existing reverse osmosis (RO) plants; increasing recovery and plant reliability.

Solutions for:

  • Agriculture water treatment
  • Phosphogypsum waters
  • Recycle fertilizer products of value

Benefit from:

  • Reuse wastewaters
  • Recycle fertilizer products of value
  • Reduce freshwater demand
  • Meet surface discharge requirements
  • Reduce waste volume, reduce trucking
  • Maximize water recoveries
  • Mobile pilot plants available


ElectroChem Advanced Electrodialysis

  • Produce freshwater for reuse throughout operations
  • Meet discharge requirements
  • Recycle value and reduce liabilities
  • Improve performance of existing reverse osmosis assets
  • Maximize recoveries

Past projects:

Containerized ElectroChem Wastewater Desalter for agriculture wastewater treatment and reuse.

View case studies from a selection of our past projects. Saltworks' ion selective membranes can recycle fertilizer inputs. We have successfully treated some of the most difficult wastewaters. These projects treated various waste streams to meet discharge regulations, reuse requirements or selective ion recoveries. 

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