Advanced electrodialysis reversal

Solves EDR’s primary challenge: calcium sulfate fouling of electrodes. We turned EDR from a low TDS desalter into a brine concentrator. A modular, positive seal stack ensures leak free operation.

ElectroChem Advanced Electrodialysis E200 stack for industrial wastewater desalination, concentrating reverse osmosis (RO) brines, and replacing chemical softening pre-treatment (lime and soda ash).

IonFlux Ion Exchange Membrane

Our durable and resilient IonFlux Ion Exchange Membranes have best-in-class performance and durability. Our membranes are engineered to be resilient to hydrocarbons and organics.

Scale resistant. Self-cleaning.

ElectroChem fluxes dissolved ions through Saltworks' IonFlux Ion Exchange Membrane under a DC electric field with water flowing parallel to the membranes. Self-cleaning via polarity reversal drives scale forming compounds off the membrane surface.

Modular and scalable

ElectroChem is highly modular and based around standardized skids. Build or expand a plant of any capacity. Systems are readily containerized for fast dispatch and remote operation.

ElectroChem electrodialysis skid for removing ions from saline waters including produced water, reverse osmosis RO brine, wastewater desalination, and acid recycling

ElectroChem Solutions

RO Brine Concentrator

ElectroChem Reverse Osmosis RO Brine concentrator process: simultaneously soften reverse osmosis feed while concentrating reject for maximum recoveries with electrodialysis-RO hybrid system.

ElectroChem bolts on to reverse osmosis (RO) to increase recovery, producing more freshwater and less reject water with no chemicals required.


  • Reverse osmosis brine management

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Produced Water Desalter

Saltworks' enhanced oil recovery (EOR) produced water desalination process for offshore applications. Only salts fluxed to seawater stream. Produced water desalinated for reuse. EOR polymers recycled and viscosity of water beneficially increased. Brine can be treated with SaltMaker Evaporator Crystallizer for brine management and zero liquid discharge (ZLD).

Desalt and recycle produced water. Add value by re-activating chemical flood polymers and increasing viscosity through salinity reduction.


  • Water flood enhanced oil recovery (EOR) produced water recycling
  • Chemical flood enhanced oil recovery polymer reuse

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Acid Recycle System

ElectroChem Acid Recycle System - advanced electrodialysis process with proton exchange membranes for recycling and purifying waste spent acid

Recover and purify waste acid for re-use. Reduce chemical costs and waste.


  • Recycle spent acids from:
    • Acid etching
    • Aluminum anodizing and brightening
    • Ion exchange resin regeneration waste acid
    • Battery acid and electronics
    • Steel pickling wastewater
  • Recover any acid: HF, HNO3, HCl, H2SO4, organic acids, and more

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ElectroChem advanced electrodialysis reversal (EDR) features:

  • Intelligent electrode protection blocks calcium fouling, removing the need to acid dose electrolytes or replace electrodes
  • Robust design and resilient IonFlux Ion Exchange Membrane
  • Treat highly scaling waters including produced waters with hydrocarbons (up to C10)
  • Modular skids for ease of expansion and maintenance
  • Positive seal stack ensures reliable leak free operation
  • Corrosion resistant engineered plastic instrumentation and process wetted components
  • Automated controls and intelligent self-cleaning
  • Available pre-treatment, post-treatment, chemical dosing, and pH control packages
  • Available containerization
  • Saltworks' 24/7 Remote Operations Control proactive monitoring and remote control

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