Next generation ion exchange membranes

These anion, cation, monovalent, and proton exchange membranes offer low resistance, high ion transference and permselectivity. They are stable over a wide pH and temperature range, and have excellent mechanical durability. 


IonFlux advanced ion exchange and proton exchange membranes

Advanced separations on tough waters

We developed surface coatings that enable advanced membrane separations such as selective ion mining or removal, splitting apart scaling divalent ion pairs, ammonia treatment, acid recovery, and operation on oil and gas produced waters allowing polymer recycling and water reuse.


Monovalent Selective Membranes

Split apart the Periodic Table of Elements.

Separate monovalent ions from multivalent ions to remove scaling limits and acheive extreme recoveries:

  • 98% molar selectivity
  • Recover chemicals of value
  • Replace chemical soda ash softening
Periodic Table of Elements - Separated

IonFlux Ion Exchange Membrane features:

  • Low cost homogeneous membrane
  • Developed for severe applications
  • Low resistance for low energy
  • Smooth surface for low fouling
  • Ductile and tear resistant for reliability
  • Surface coatings for selective separations
  • pH tolerance 0-12
  • Temperature tolerance 0-60°C
  • Short chain hydrocarbon tolerance up to C10 enabling produced water applications
  • Strong transference of multivalent ions, reduces fouling potential in downstream concentration processes
  • Oxidizing agent tolerance up to 1,000 ppm

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