Saltworks Featured in Power Mag

Saltworks was featured in the March 2017 issue of Power Mag, “Water Treatment Technologies in Focus.” The article discusses how Saltworks’ Salt Splitter technology offers a revolutionary lower cost alternative to treat flue gas desulfurization (FGD) wastewater produced by coal power plant scrubbers. The technology is a solution for any highly scaling industrial water, such as reverse osmosis brine, mine rock drainage, and cooling tower blowdown.

“As long as coal is used as a source of energy at power plants, FGD wastewater will be produced and will require treatment to meet regulatory requirements” said Joshua Zoshi, COO. “Our Salt Splitter technology is a step change in reliability and cost reduction for treating highly scaling waters.”

Saltworks’ ElectroChem Salt Splitter system combines two of the world’s most used membrane technologies, electrodialysis and reverse osmosis (RO), along with our low temperature evaporator crystallizer, the SaltMaker, to provide a cradle-to-grave zero liquid discharge (ZLD) solution for FGD wastewater. The treated water meets regulatory requirements, the solids produced can be reused as raw materials in other industries, and total cost of treatment is 45% lower than conventional systems.

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About Saltworks Technologies:

Saltworks Technologies is a world leader in treatment and value recovery from saline wastewaters: oil sands, landfill leachate, shale oil and gas, reverse osmosis brine, ammonia, spent acids and more. Saltworks developed solutions from the ground-up for extreme recoveries, high reliability and low cost. Saltworks delivers fully packaged systems, as well as the worlds’ most advanced ion exchange membrane product for unique separations. Full scale systems are supported by pre-implementation pilots, 24-7 remote operations, and a customer training center in Vancouver, BC.