Specialized Applications

Perform advanced separations.
Remove or concentrate ions of interest.

Our advanced separation solutions combine our IonFlux Ion Exchange Membrane, ElectroChem Advanced Electrodialysis systems, and the creativity of our chemists and engineers for specialized applications.


Benefit from:

  • Advanced processes utilizing ElectroChem and IonFlux membranes
  • Recover value, meet discharge requirements, reuse freshwater
  • Change water chemistry from scaling to non-scaling
  • Improve performance of existing assets
  • Target chloride removal for corrosion control
  • Target nitrates for water quality and discharge
  • Target sodium for agriculture or lithium for batteries
  • We can develop a solution for your specific treatment challenge

Advanced separation processes to:

  • Mine ions. Selectively recover and concentrate dissolved ions (elements) of interest.
  • Permanently change water chemistry to non-scaling. Use our Salt Splitter to change low solubility multivalent anion-cation pairs into high solubility multi-monovalent pairs.
  • Recycle antifreeze and glycol-water streams. Remove scaling compounds from previously difficult to treat glycol applications such as offshore hydrate inhibitors and antifreeze recycling.
  • Increase yields. Remove specific "pollutant" ions that damage yield in mine metal leaching processes. Remove magnesium and calcium loading in lithium brines.
  • Recover value. Remove nitrogen load, nitrates, or ammonia electrochemically and recover the output as a product of value.

Past projects:

Containerized ElectroChem Wastewater Desalter Advanced Electrodialysis desalination plant for treating wastewaters.

View case studies from a selection of our past projects. Saltworks' technologies treat wastewaters to meet discharge requirements, reuse freshwater, and recover value. Our Salt Splitter hybridized with reverse osmosis (RO) to enable chemical-free high water recovery on a scaling brackish water source.

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