Greenhouse & Vertical Farming

Water solutions for advanced agriculture

As demand for nutritious, high quality produce grows, large-scale, modernized, indoor agriculture is advancing to meet it. Most of the water used in advanced agricultural facilities can be recovered, re-enriched with nutrients, and reused. Saltworks can help to treat water for reuse, balancing nutrient content and pH, or treat for discharge.

Water & Advanced Agriculture

Facilities such as greenhouses and vertical farms use vastly lower quantities of land, chemicals, and water than traditional agriculture. With appropriate systems, most of the water involved can be reused.


However, as with all agriculture, a careful balance of pH, alkalinity, and nutrient content must be struck to maximize yields and qualities such as appearance and flavor. Not only that, but wastewater which cannot be reused may face strict requirements for discharge or disposal. Saltworks can help with these challenges and more.

Photo of a vertical farm with internal lighting and closed loop water systems
Photo of an automated water irrigation system in a greenhouse

Reuse: Smart, Automated & Efficient

Advanced agricultural facilities have substantially lower water demand than traditional agriculture because of reuse. But before water can be reused, it must be optimized so that yield and quality are kept to a high standard. We can help you to balance your recycled water for high performance, with automated, intelligent solutions:

  • Treat wastewater to generate high-quality water for reuse, with a process economically optimized for your system.
  • Measure ions in real-time with ScaleSense to optimize yields.
  • Selectively remove dissolved solids & ions such as chlorides and sodium by employing FlexEDR monovalent selective electrodialysis.
  • Manage levels of nutrients such as calcium, sulfate, magnesium, nitrogen (ammonia/ammonium), potassium, and boron
  • Inject acid/base to balance pH and alkalinity.

Treatment & Discharge

When water needs to be disposed of or discharged, we help you to meet discharge limits and come to the most economic outcomes. Our solutions:

  • Enable ion targeting: over 99% of agricultural wastewater is water, only a few pollutants prevent its re-use. We can help you target those pollutants.
  • Achieve extreme reverse osmosis recoveries well beyond conventional with our XtremeRO product line
  • Reduce brine volume, even to minimal liquid discharge (MLD) or zero liquid discharge (ZLD) with our SaltMaker family.
  • Target contaminants such as heavy metals, scaling ions, & ammonia.
  • Filter suspended solids & hydrocarbons with XtremeUF.

Contact us with your water chemistry, flow rates, and treatment goals for an options assessment today.

Photo of clean water discharged from an agricultural facility

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