Shale Gas Produced Water
& Frac Water Treatment

Treat shale gas produced water to improve water reuse quality or reduce volume for disposal.


Cut Your Disposal Costs

  • Thermal Systems: reduce high salinity water volume to any desired brine concentration or make solids using our low-cost open-to-atmosphere evaporator, the SaltMaker AirBreather, with a built-in volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emissions management and solids production system.
  • Treatment Systems: treat waters to remove iron, TSS, and oils and grease. Chemically soften to reduce scaling potential and remove naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORMs) with our compact, automated chemical softening system, BrineRefine.
  • Membrane Systems: concentrate mid-salinity wastewaters up to 130,000 mg/L using our Xtreme RO system that recovers as much as two times the freshwater compared to conventional reverse osmosis systems.

Concentrate Produced Water & Reduce Hauling Costs

  • AirBreather is a robust modular brine concentrator, reducing produced water volume while generating a 1.2 um heavy brine suited for disposal.
  • Thermally driven, self cleaning, designed for low cost repeat installation via truck trailer mounted skids.
  • Service model and rental options available for AirBreather shale installations.
lower cost evaporator crystallizer model
Engineer inspects BRAD module

Treat Produced Water for Iron, TSS and Other

  • BrineRefine is the most compact chemical treatment & suspended solids separation system to produce clean brine for re-use.
  • No use of bulky dissolved air flotation, nor coagulants and clarifiers. Instead, the intelligently automated system injects precise chemicals to oxidize iron on the fly and then separates oils, oils, and grease to produce a clean brine.
  • NORMs and scaling compounds can be removed by bolt-on optional chemical dosing systems.

Develop Complete Solutions
for Your Shale Water Management

  • Improve your project economics by leveraging our process design expertise to provide the best options for managing your water, whether you need disposal or treatment.
  • Move our skid-mounted treatment plants between wellheads for a mobile solution that meets your changing project needs.
Saltworks Mechanical and Chemical Engineers Discuss Zero Liquid Discharge Treatment Train Design

Looking for more in-depth knowledge about shale waters and treatment options? Read our blog on Frac & Shale Produced Water Management. 

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