Saltworks Deploys First Mobile Desalination Plant

Saltworks Deploys First Mobile Desalination Plant

June 30th 2010

A fully outfitted, containerized desalination plant built by Saltworks Technologies Inc. is on its way to the interior of British Columbia for summer trials.


Saltworks’ mobile plant, with a capacity of 1,000 litres of water a day at continuous flow on seawater, was recently completed at the company’s Port of Vancouver headquarters and sent to the Okanagan region of BC for trials at the company’s solar-thermal test facility. The plant has a higher capacity when treating waste saltwater and will be used for pilot runs at customer sites.


The Okanagan solar-thermal facility is used for testing Saltworks’ novel heat capture process in an arid climate. Both the plant and solar-thermal facility demonstrate a first of its kind process patented by Saltworks. In addition, the plant and facility encompass valuable assets whereby the company can demonstrate its innovative Thermo-Ionic technology that uses up to 80 percent less energy relative to leading desalination processes.


Saltworks President Joshua Zoshi, says “the plant is an important step in demonstrating the technology’s operation.”


Zoshi acknowledges the highly valuable contribution to the project from the British Columbia Innovative Clean Energy fund, Sustainable Development Technology Canada, and the National Research Council. Sustainable Development Technology Canada is an arm’s-length, not-for-profit corporation created by the Government of Canada.

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Saltworks Presented as BC Innovation at GLOBE 2010

Saltworks Presented as BC Innovation at GLOBE 2010

March 29th 2010

Saltworks Technologies recently showcased its innovative desalination technology at GLOBE 2010-Vancouver’s international green business conference.


The three-day trade fair is North America’s most important conference dedicated to the business of the environment. The fair took place March 24 to 26 at the Vancouver Convention Centre and featured presentations, demonstrations, and guest speakers from cutting edge clean-tech companies around the world.


The Saltworks team showcased its breakthrough technology in conjunction with the BC Innovation Council using a fully-functional portable desalination machine to show how the process works.


In addition to participating at the trade fair, the Saltworks management team led multiple tours at its facility and seawater pilot plant at the Port of Vancouver. Guests included Sustainable Development Technology Canada, the Singapore Public Utilities Board, and major engineering companies. Guests not only visited the plant but also witnessed it desalting seawater.


Ben Sparrow, CEO, said the plant is achieving “continuous flow of saltwater coming in and potable salt standard coming out.”


Saltworks is now preparing for another round of financing.

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Saltworks’ Thermo-Ionic Technology Appeals to Australia’s Lead Desalination Researchers

Saltworks' Thermo-Ionic Technology Appeals to Australia’s Lead Desalination Researchers

March 16th 2010

Saltworks Technologies attracted the attention of researchers at Australia’s National Centre of Excellence in Desalination (NCED) during the country’s most important water conference.


The centre’s leading researchers met with Saltworks CEO Ben Sparrow and President Joshua Zoshi in early March to discuss Saltworks’ Thermo-Ionic™ desalination technology and potential implementation in Australia.


NCED leads Australia’s research in desalination technology. The centre, based at Murdoch University in Rockingham, is designing a world-class desalination facility for researchers and industry to test novel and improved desalination technologies.


Sparrow said the Australians are taking energy efficient desalination technology development seriously and Australians see much room for improvement and development given the $25 million federal and state investment in the NCED.


“After visiting the site of the centre and meeting with both staff and researchers it is clear that they are building a world class facility and have top talent on their team.”


In conjunction with the NCED meeting, Sparrow and Zoshi presented a paper and demonstrated Saltworks’ technology at Ozwater ’10, Australia’s national water conference and exhibition.


The conference, held in Brisbane March 8 to 10, included speakers, papers, and workshops concerning water challenges and solutions from Australia, New Zealand, Africa, and Europe.


Zoshi said the level of interest confirms Australia as a key early market and that the interest from reverse osmosis builders seeking hybrid solutions to build zero liquid discharge plants was particularly encouraging.


“Saltworks’ technology is well-suited as a hybrid with reverse osmosis where both technologies can operate at their economic and market sweet spot.”


The conference focused on five themes including new water sources and wastewater systems and processes.


Currently, Australia’s installed desalination capacity is around one per cent of the world’s total despite being the driest continent on earth.


Saltworks is now focusing on continuing its seawater pilot, expanding its technology and patent portfolio, and executing its commercialization plans.

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Saltworks Presents at the 2009 Desalination World Congress

Saltworks Presents at the 2009 Desalination World Congress

November 23rd 2009

One of the most significant presentations at the International Desalination Association (IDA) World Congress was the novel Thermo-Ionic™ technology presented by Saltworks Technologies.


The conference, held in Dubai from November 7 to 12, was the world’s most important event in desalination and water technology. It featured presentations, lectures, and an exhibition showcasing the latest equipment and technology from 70 participating companies in over 21 countries.


Saltworks’ CEO Ben Sparrow and President Joshua Zoshi successfully presented and demonstrated their novel technology during the conference using a portable desalination unit. The device showed how the innovative technology, made largely from plastics, uses salt to drive the desalination process and yield considerable energy savings.


“We were thrilled to attend and present at the IDA congress. It was an excellent opportunity to meet industry veterans as well as demonstrate Saltworks’ technology first hand,” said Ben Sparrow, co-founder and CEO.


With Saltworks now on the global stage for its proven energy efficient technology, the team is positioned to commercialize its product by showcasing its demonstration plant and test facility.


Saltworks’ outfitted 1,000 litre a-day seawater pilot plant will soon be fully operational at a harbour location in Vancouver, Canada. The company is now looking for initial small scale demonstration projects in key markets.

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Saltworks Appears in The Economist

Saltworks Appears in the Economist

October 30th 2009

Saltworks Technologies launches into the desalination industry with an exclusive article in The Economist detailing its breakthrough low-cost technology.


The article, published in both print and online editions of The Economist, is the first to showcase Saltworks’ patent pending process that uses up to 80 percent less electrical energy relative to conventional desalination technologies by harnessing low-temperature heat and atmospheric dryness.


“The team has been working incredibly hard to accomplish a full seawater plant scale-up in secret; we now look forward to delivering this technology to initial customers,” said Joshua Zoshi, co-founder and president.


The Saltworks team, who have been working in stealth for the last year building Canada’s first permitted desalination test facility and their demonstration plant in Vancouver, are now preparing for the second phase of their launch. Zoshi along with CEO and co-founder Ben Sparrow, plan to present their innovative technology at the World Congress on Desalination and Water Reuse on November 8 in Dubai. Part of their presentation involves a suitcase desalination device used to demonstrate their process’s simplicity and achievability.


Sparrow and Zoshi said the company could not have succeeded this far without their dedicated team of engineers, board of directors, and partners.


“Saltworks is pleased to be out in the open and promoting its solution. We look forward to working with the desalination sector to build projects that provide sustainable water for agriculture, industry, and municipal use,” said Sparrow.


Saltworks would like thank BC Hydro and Powertech Labs, the National Research Council of Canada, the Okanagan Research & Innovation Centre, Knight Piésold Ltd., the BC Innovative Clean Energy Fund, Great Northern Way Campus, and the City of Vancouver.

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Saltworks Announces Breakthrough Energy Efficient Desalination Technology

Saltworks announces breakthrough energy efficient desalination technology

October 7th 2009

Saltworks Technologies is positioned to revolutionize the desalination industry with a breakthrough technology that uses far less energy than current commercial processes.


Saltworks’ proof-tested process employs an innovative thermo-ionic energy conversion system. The energy reduction is achieved by harnessing low temperature heat and atmospheric dryness to overcome the desalination energy barrier. The system works best in the dry regions that need water.


Saltworks President Joshua Zoshi said, “a desalination technology powered by atmospheric dryness is very much needed during these times of increasing water stress, energy price volatility, and carbon impact concerns.”


Current desalination processes remain highly energy intensive and costly to operate. In the last 50 years there have been major advancements in the desalination sector, but so far high energy use is still the major road block in desalting water.


Global Water Intelligence (GWI), a leading industry tracker, states “the greatest challenge for the desalination industry is to increase the energy efficiency of the process faster than the price of generating electricity from fossil fuels.”


Ben Sparrow, CEO and the inventor of the technology is excited to finally unveil the product of the company’s hard work.


“We’ve been working on the technology for a number of years and are excited to cut the ribbon on our fully functional seawater based pilot plant, built largely from low cost components and with the capability to process the troublesome waste from existing desalination plants.”


Both Sparrow and Zoshi will time the public release of Saltworks with a presentation at the World Congress on Desalination and Water Reuse in Dubai early November 2009.

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