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Ammonia Treatment. Electrochemically remove and destroy ammonia with Ammonia Splitter, a reliable and controllable ammonia treatment system. Treat any ammonia wastewater load to meet any ammonia discharge regulations.

Leachate Treatment. Meet surface or sewer discharge requirements with the SaltMaker Evaporator Crystallizer: a flexible and robust system that handles varying leachate volumes and composition. It will turn itself safely on and off, and up or down from 10% to 100% capacity.

Reduce Disposal Costs. Recycle water on site, reduce waste hauled off site, reduce trucking costs and achieve true zero liquid discharge (ZLD) with the SaltMaker Evaporator Crystallizer.


Treat Evaporator Blowdown. Achieve safe, reliable and economic zero liquid discharge (ZLD) on OTSG and evaporator blowdown waste streams with the SaltMaker Evaporator Crystallizer.


Enhanced Oil Recovery Produced Water. Desalt produced water with minimal pre-treatment in a compact, lightweight device. Maximize resource recovery with precise salinity control while enabling polymer reuse with ElectroChem Advanced Electrodialysis.


Coal Seam Gas Produced Water. Treat reverse osmosis brine and soften its feed with with ElectroChem Advanced Electrodialysis. Concentrate waste brines and produce solids with the SaltMaker Evaporator Crystallizer.


Shale Gas Produced Water. Reliable, portable, and fully automated zero liquid discharge (ZLD) treatment in a plant that cleans itself and can be moved from site to site: SaltMaker Evaporator Crystallizer.

Mine Water Treatment. Ultra high recovery freshwater production and chemical free salinity control. Remove selenium, heavy metals, sulfates and hardness from tailings, acid mine drainage, and mineral rock runoff. ElectroChem Advanced Electrodialysis platforms are safe, cost effective, do not require chemical inputs, temperature independent, and easier to control than biological based treatment. Concentrate waste brines and produce solids with the SaltMaker Evaporator Crystallizer.


Chemical Production and Metals Recovery. Remove pollutants upstream of floatation processes to improve yield. Produce pure acids and base from spent streams. ElectroChem Advanced Electrodialysis products and IonFlux Ion Exchange Membranes increase profit while reducing impacts. Reliably concentrate almost any solution and produce high purity freshwater with the SaltMaker Evaporator Crystallizer.

Reduce Disposal Costs. Recycle water on site, reduce waste hauled off site, reduce trucking costs and achieve true zero liquid discharge (ZLD) with the SaltMaker Evaporator Crystallizer.


Industrial Discharge. Every discharge is unique, whether you operate a food and beverage facility, pharmaceutical production, or a smelter. We may even be able to recover valuable products from your waste stream, generating revenue for your project.

Brackish Water Desalination. Achieve ultra high recovery and leverage existing Reverse Osmosis (RO) assets on inland scaling waters with ElectroChem Advanced Electrodialysis.


Brine Management and Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD). Move past the corrosion, scaling, chemical usage, and reliability headaches of conventional evaporators and crystallizers. Achieve reliable volume reduction and solids production on any brine with little to no pre-treatment in the SaltMaker Evaporator Crystallizer.


Wastewater Reuse. If you are operating a reverse osmosis asset, we can help improve recovery on non-silica limited waters with ElectroChem Advanced Electrodialysis.

Acid and Base Recovery. Recover and concentrate pure acids and bases within pH 0-12 with ElectroChem Advanced Electrodialysis and our IonFlux Ion Exchange Membrane.

Agricultural Wastewater Re-Use. Treat agricultural wastewater to recycle value both in the water and fertilizer byproducts. Remove ions of concern (sodium, chlorides, etc); while leaving agriculturally beneficial ions in place (calcium, magnesium, etc).


Phosphogypsum Wastewater. Treat fertilizer production wastewater. Reliably treat high fluorides, phosphorus, uranium, low pH, and NORMs containing waste streams to meet discharge requirements and eliminate ponding liabilities with ElectroChem Advanced Electrodialysis.

Selective Ion Mining. Selectively recover and concentrate dissolved ions (elements) of interest with ElectroChem Advanced Electrodialysis.


Permanently Change Water Chemistry from Scaling to Non-Scaling. Use Salt Splitter to change low solubility ion pairs into high solubility ion pairs. This reduces scaling potential, improves reliability and recovery of downstream desalination and brine concentration processes.


Antifreeze Recycle and Glycol-Water Streams. Remove scaling compounds from previously difficult to treat glycol applications such as offshore hydrate inhibitors and antifreeze recycling with ElectroChem Advanced Electrodialysis.


Unique Processes. Our skilled technical team of creative chemists, process engineers, and plant integrators can develop a solution for your specific wastewater treatment challenge.

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