Enhanced Oil Recovery

Treat water flood enhanced oil recovery (EOR) produced water to the optimal re-injection TDS. Reduce polymer consumption.

ElectroChem Advanced Electrodialysis can desalt and lower consumption of polymers in enhanced oil recovery (EOR) produced water.


Add value by re-activating chemical flood polymers and increasing viscosity through salinity reduction.


Solutions for:

  • Water flood EOR produced water recycling
  • Chemical flood EOR polymer consumption reduction

Benefit from:

  • Reuse EOR produced water
  • Reduce consumption of EOR polymers
  • Reach optimal re-injection parameters, improve yields
  • Increase viscosity of treated water
  • Desalt to any concentration
  • Mobile pilot plants available

Our Technologies

  • Desalinate produced waters not suitable for reverse osmosis (RO)
  • Fouling resistant IonFlux Ion Exchange Membrane
  • Desalt to any concentration, reach optimal re-injection TDS
  • Improve viscosity and use fewer EOR polymers
  • Reliable, self-cleaning desalination

Project Summaries

ElectroChem Advanced Electrodialysis has completed multiple EOR produced water treatment projects with active oil & gas operators. These projects demonstrate reliable desalination of the produced water and that the polymer is not altered, enabling lower levels of consumption that cut chemical costs.