Mine Water Treatment Technologies

We provide next generation solutions for mining water treatment, such as tailings, acid mine drainage, groundwater, volume reduction and zero liquid discharge, selective contaminant removal, and resource extraction for improving yields.

Your Challenges

  • Remove contaminants from tailings, highly impacted groundwater, and acid mine runoff or drainage to meet the most stringent discharge requirements.
  • Eliminate scaling problems, reduce chemical treatment, and improve freshwater recovery for reuse or recycling.
  • Reduce wastewater volume to drop your disposal costs and lower tailings requirements.
  • Squeeze wastewater down to zero liquid discharge solids to further reduce disposal costs and extract more freshwater for beneficial reuse.
  • Overcome complex dewatering applications too challenging for conventional technology.
  • Maximize yield by selectively separating valuable metals and ions from wastewater or process streams.

Our Solutions

Advanced Treatment Process Design

  • Our technical experts have extensive experience designing water treatment trains for mining that leverage our innovative technologies as well as standard industry equipment. Trust us to provide the most complete assessment of your treatment needs, from water sample testing to process optimization.

Volume Reduction and Zero Liquid Discharge

  • Reduce wastewater volume to a minimum with our intelligent XtremeRO that achieves industry leading brine concentration in a mobile platform.
  • Achieve reliable true zero liquid discharge on even the most challenging runoff, drainage, and groundwater with our modular SaltMaker MultiEffect Evaporator Crystallizer.

Low Chemical Treatment of Scaling Wastewater

  • Treat the most scaling water with our Flex EDR Selective that permanently changes scaling water chemistry to non-scaling without chemical treatment. The result is greater reliability and recovery of downstream treatment processes.

Remove Ammonia from Mine Wastewater

  • If biological ammonia removal is not an option for your mine wastewater due to environmental conditions or challenging water chemistry, our Flex EDR Ammonia can reliably destroy ammonia in a compact, electrically driven system that is not sensitive to temperature.

Recover Valuable Metals and Minerals

  • Our ROAM platform simplifies your operations and maintenance with 24/7 support by our remote operations experts. We keep your plant assets running smoothly with proactive monitoring, maintenance alerts, and live assistance for on-site operators.

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