Saltworks' breakthrough desalination technology to showcase at Governors’ Global Climate Summit in California

November 8th 2010

Saltworks Technologies will present its innovative desalination technology at the third annual Governors’ Global Climate Summit on November 15 in Davis, California.


Saltworks’ Thermo-Ionic™ desalination technology produces freshwater from seawater using 80 percent less electricity than current commercial methods. The patented technology has fresh water production applications for irrigation, municipal, and industrial use. The technology can also economically and sustainably treat waste salt water produced by inland desalination plants and industrial processes.


Hosted by California Governor Schwarzenegger, the two-day Global Climate Summit brings together top leaders of local, regional, national, and international organizations. The goal is to broaden partnerships through an increased understanding of environmental and economic challenges as the world continues to grow a clean, green economy.


Saltworks Technologies is a clean technology company based in Vancouver, Canada. The company currently operates an energy efficient desalination pilot plant, taking seawater from Vancouver harbour and producing freshwater at a rate of 1,000L/day. Saltworks is currently scaling up the plant to 50,000L/day for waste saltwater treatment for an oil and gas application.

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