Saltworks' Thermo-Ionic Technology Appeals to Australia’s Lead Desalination Researchers

March 16th 2010

Saltworks Technologies attracted the attention of researchers at Australia’s National Centre of Excellence in Desalination (NCED) during the country’s most important water conference.


The centre’s leading researchers met with Saltworks CEO Ben Sparrow and President Joshua Zoshi in early March to discuss Saltworks’ Thermo-Ionic™ desalination technology and potential implementation in Australia.


NCED leads Australia’s research in desalination technology. The centre, based at Murdoch University in Rockingham, is designing a world-class desalination facility for researchers and industry to test novel and improved desalination technologies.


Sparrow said the Australians are taking energy efficient desalination technology development seriously and Australians see much room for improvement and development given the $25 million federal and state investment in the NCED.


“After visiting the site of the centre and meeting with both staff and researchers it is clear that they are building a world class facility and have top talent on their team.”


In conjunction with the NCED meeting, Sparrow and Zoshi presented a paper and demonstrated Saltworks’ technology at Ozwater ’10, Australia’s national water conference and exhibition.


The conference, held in Brisbane March 8 to 10, included speakers, papers, and workshops concerning water challenges and solutions from Australia, New Zealand, Africa, and Europe.


Zoshi said the level of interest confirms Australia as a key early market and that the interest from reverse osmosis builders seeking hybrid solutions to build zero liquid discharge plants was particularly encouraging.


“Saltworks’ technology is well-suited as a hybrid with reverse osmosis where both technologies can operate at their economic and market sweet spot.”


The conference focused on five themes including new water sources and wastewater systems and processes.


Currently, Australia’s installed desalination capacity is around one per cent of the world’s total despite being the driest continent on earth.


Saltworks is now focusing on continuing its seawater pilot, expanding its technology and patent portfolio, and executing its commercialization plans.

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