The Saltworks Approach

Saltworks works with you to understand your needs and scale up systematically from initial proposal through pilot projects to full-scale build. Our approach delivers the greatest value and minimizes risk at each step to ensure your project is successful.


Image of a computer monitor showing a desktop engineering study

Proposing a Project Solution

Our technical experts start by studying your treatment needs and goals to gather key project information that will help us propose the ideal solution.


We then provide a detailed project proposal that evaluates treatment plant design, expected performance, energy and mass balance, project economics and risk.

Testing Water Samples

Saltworks continuously operates ten fully automated bench scale plants as we push limits and develop new methods to extract value from waste saline waters.


We make these small plants available to customers. They provide a low cost first step to evaluate recommended processes.

Photo of a FlexEDR micro-stack
Photo of a miniature version of SaltMaker used for pilot testing

Piloting with Mobile Treatment Plants

Our fleet of mobile pilot systems allows you to quickly and cost-effectively prove performance and demonstrate results.

All pilot systems use the same process, construction materials, automation and controls as our full scale plants, allowing customers to confirm performance and build operator familiarity.

Delivering a Modular Wastewater Treatment Plant

Our plants are standardized for cost effective, quality assured production but can also be modified to meet your specific needs. Flexible sale, lease, and operation options are available.

Photo of a SaltMaker MultiEffect used for MLD and ZLD applications
A photo of a Saltworks operations expert at the remote operations and asset management system

Running the Plant with ROAM

Our Remote Operations and Asset Management system provides 24/7 proactive monitoring, operations and maintenance support.