Water Treatment Expertise

Leverage our expertise to de-risk and optimize your treatment system before you make large capital investments. We specialize in developing complete processes for true zero liquid discharge and other demanding applications.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

“Site staff as well as the other Reclamation personnel who have visited the demonstration test have been very impressed with Saltworks employees’ communication, technical knowledge, and professionalism.” 

– United States Bureau of Reclamation

“We worked with Saltworks on a recent project. Their expertise, professionalism, and helpfulness was evident from the very first phone call. An open dialogue relationship was immediately established which helped facilitate a very efficient, robust, and technically sound design. Saltworks completed an off-site pilot test to prove out and optimize the process and to better understand costs and accurately assess scale-up design and costs. We were thoroughly impressed with the quality of work, technical acumen, and level of detail provided. We would highly recommend their services.”

 – Cameco Corporation

Minimal Liquid Discharge and Zero Liquid Discharge Treatment Train Design

  • We’ve been providing our customers with innovative and industry-leading treatment plant designs for over a decade.
  • We do it all: process engineering options analysis, project economics research, design basis development, detailed specification development, and scale up and operations planning.
  • Our skilled process engineers will model and select the most economic process for you, which may or may not include our technology.
  • Outside of our proprietary product lines, we are leaders in advanced pre-treatment, reverse osmosis, and concentration technologies. We test and develop specifications for third party vendors to build these assets for our customers.

Real Results Through Pilot Testing

  • We get deep into the details. Water chemistry, test planning, and pilot program design will ensure your results reflect project scale-up conditions.
  • We own a fleet of pilot plants, including pre-treatment, RO, EDR, and thermal treatment systems. We prove performance and optimize the treatment system at our testing facilities specific to your water samples or at your site.

Plant Auditing, Risk Mitigation &
Performance Optimization

  • Trust our engineering experts to evaluate and improve your plant. We can solve common and costly challenges:
    1. Recovery maximization
    2. Membrane fouling
    3. Energy & chemical optimization
  • Take your treatment train performance to the next level with our plant optimization packages that deliver the upgrades needed to get more results at lower operating costs.

Intelligent Total System Controls

  • Our expertise in developing advanced crystallization and ion separation technology includes intelligent controls for self operation and optimum performance.
  • Let our team remotely monitor your plant with our advanced control systems and skilled operation engineers.
  • Complement your plant automation with ROAM and let a treatment system operations team monitor your plant, schedule maintenance, and report on performance analytics.

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