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Technology Spec Sheets

Technical details and specifications for our advanced water treatment systems.

Advanced Electrodialysis Platform

Evaporator Crystallizer

Ion Exchange Membranes

Fact Sheets

High level overviews of our advanced water treatment systems.

Remove and destroy ammonia to meet any wastewater discharge requirement.

Recover and purify waste acid for re-use, reducing chemical costs and waste.

Hybridize with reverse osmosis to permanently separate scaling ion pairs into non-scaling pairs, enabling extreme recoveries on previously scale limited waters.

Hybridize with reverse osmosis to simultaneously soften the RO feed while concentrating the RO reject.

Desalinate produced waters while increasing viscosity and recycling enhanced oil recovery (EOR) polymers for optimal re-injection efficiency.

Input low grade heat and wastewater or brine. Output freshwater and all contaminants reduced to solids for true zero liquid discharge (trueZLD).

Case Studies

Results, performance, and economics from past projects.

Ammonia Splitter treatment of wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) centrate and landfill leachate providing reliable, fully adjustable ammonia wastewater treatment.

Demonstrated chemical-free, high water recovery on a scaling brackish water source by splitting divalent ions to eliminate scaling potential.

50 m3/day demonstration treating scaling brackish water to a produce low volume, highly concentrated brine while eliminating chemical treatment. Results showed increased water recovery over conventional chemical softening-RO systems.

Successful and reliable recovery of acid from ion exchange resin regeneration acid wastewater.

Treated three sources of SAGD evaporator blowdown and one source of OTSG blowdown to produce solids and freshwater for reuse. Demonstrated the ability to solve a major SAGD problem: continuous, reliable solidification and extraction of both ionic and organic components from blowdown.


View presentations outlining our products, processes, and applications.

Electrodialysis background, process, and applications.

Advanced electrodialysis overview, process, and applications.

ElectroChem RO Brine Concentrator for treating mining waters.

SaltMaker Evaporator Crystallizer treatment of landfill leachate.

Ammonia Splitter treatment of WWTP centrate and landfill leachate ammonia wastewater.

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