SaltMaker (MultiEffect and AirBreather):

Overview and Comparison

The SaltMaker is a single modular packaged plant that can produce concentrated brine or solids. It has intelligent automated operation and self cleaning. There is no need for complex chemical pre-treatment. The SaltMaker can be delivered in two optional formats, which differ in capacity, cost, and energy. The two options are described below.

MultiEffect: Multiple effects of humidification-dehumidification cycles. Either 4 of 5 effects are employed, depending on capacity and climatic conditions. In successive effects, the heat of evaporation and condensation is recycled at successively lower temperatures. Condensed water is produced in all but the final effect, which acts as both a concentrator and heat rejecter (a “cooling tower”). 

AirBreather: Single effect open to atmosphere evaporation at a low temperature (< 60 °C). AirBreather offers three times the capacity of MultiEffect SaltMakers but requires four times the thermal energy. AirBreather can be a stronger fit than MultiEffect where low cost thermal energy is available and the economics of water removal are 10x more valuable than the economics of freshwater production. The AirBreather does include a water recovery module to recover a small portion of condensed water for self-cleaning cycles and a portion of excess condensed water may be available if desired. However, the majority of the condensed water is evaporated to atmosphere. Volatile emissions, such as ammonia or volatile organic compounds (VOCs), are effectively managed through a proprietary built-in system to meet air discharge requirements. Pilot plants are available to prove this.


High level performance specifications are compared for the SaltMaker MultiEffect and AirBreather in the table below.

MultiEffect-AirBreather Comparison Table

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