Saltworks Mechanical and Chemical Engineers Discuss Zero Liquid Discharge Treatment Train Design

Project Reviews

Treatment Options Analysis & Economics: Inform next-step decisions for your water project

Process Optimization: Model and optimize solutions before investing in pilots or larger capital plants
Saltworks Wastewater Ions Treatment

Target Ions of Concern

IonSelect: Target & remove specific ions

SilicaSelect: Effectively remove silica from cooling tower blowdown, RO brine, and more

SulfateSelect: Flexible sulfate removal for high & low TDS waters
Saltworks Engineer Inspects Plant Operations

Prove Performance

Bench & Pilot Test Services: Comprehensive offsite testing infrastructure and our mobile pilot fleet help de-risk your project
brine management solids from ZLD

Concentrate Brines

BrineGo: Modular membrane concentrator for ultra-high recovery and volume reduction

SaltMaker: Modernized evaporators and crystallizers for reliable minimal and zero liquid discharge
BrineRefine for Mining

Designed & Built to Suit

Custom Engineered Solutions: Let us innovate, design, and build a plant for your unique application
Saltworks Water Operations Expert at the Remote Operations and Asset Management System

Operate & Monitor Remotely

Remote Operations & Asset Management: 24/7 support, instant access to expert operators, reporting, and proactive maintenance alerts
Safe Wastewater Discharge After Treatment

Achieve Treatment Goals

Ammonia Peak Shaver: Reduce ammonia to achieve discharge compliance or reduce load on downstream biological processes

TDS Peak Shaver: Reduce total dissolved solids to minimize total treatment and residual waste

Zero or Minimal Liquid Discharge: Reduce disposal costs and maximize freshwater recovery with optimized membrane and thermal systems

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