Bench & Pilot Test Services

Enhance Your Water Treatment ROI

A meaningful bench or pilot test can lead to the highest investment returns (ROI) in water treatment. Before making a purchase decision, Saltworks offers our test services to clients for process optimization studies and pilots. We ensure that you receive the correct solution, and that you get the chance for a test drive.

Process Optimization


risk management


Reduce water treatment costs



Future proof



Zero Liquid Discharge Pilot

Make the Right Decisions

Not all projects require a bench or pilot test, especially when the water chemistry and solutions are well-known. For other projects, a small upfront investment in testing and/or piloting can yield substantial benefits.


Testing & piloting turn ‘unknowns’ into ‘knowns’ which can be managed. They facilitate a thorough, competitive review of alternative solutions, and cost-optimization of the best pathway prior to detailed design and implementation. 

Intelligent Testing for Clients

Saltworks offers extensive bench testing and pilot services to our clients. For testing, we have imported waters from around the world to our facility.

  • We take over chain of custody, including safe disposal of all by-products.
  • We share all data and employ qualified 3rd party laboratories as needed.
  • We deliver a detailed report that enables informed decision-making.

Short lab tests are easy, and some are representative, but others are done under ideal conditions and do not consider continuous unattended operation, energy, or hiccups. On-site pilot tests force vendors to prove their claims. Measure our performance on delivery, safety, uptime, costs, and meeting treatment goals. Our mobile pilot plants can be dispatched to your site, complete with operators.

selective removal and treatment
SaltMaker effects and modules being built on production floor.

Customized Pilot Plants

Our pilots are mobile & containerized, fully automated, provided with expert dispatch/operation teams, and representative of full-scale plants. We have pilot assets covering almost all unit operations. We arrange them à la carte to meet your project needs or custom develop new pilot plants, coupled with our engineering services.


If considering competing alternatives, challenge all vendors to prove their performance claims, in a competitive pilot with 24/7 operation. 


Contact us to learn more about improving your ROI and reducing project risk through our test services and pilot assets. If you need a custom test or pilot, challenge us!

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