Process Optimization

Model and optimize solutions before investing in pilots or larger capital plants

Our skilled process engineers can help you navigate your treatment options and select the most economic process for your project. We build comprehensive process models to run options analysis and assess total system economics for your alternatives. Getting a project off to a good start, backed by math, can provide a valuable compass for your future plans.

Front End Optimization & Risk Management

Our engineering experts can evaluate your project’s needs, and model and develop applicable solutions. This enables de-risking and optimization on paper, before you invest in pilots or larger capital plants. Considerations may include:

    1. Optimization of the recovery-cost tradeoff
    2. Membrane fouling risk management
    3. Energy efficiency and management
    4. Chemical consumption optimization
    5. Regulatory compliance
    6. Final residuals management

We get deep into the details. A lot can be learned on paper prior to a pilot test, enabling more optimized pilot tests or full-scale initiatives. Water chemistry, test planning, and pilot program design will ensure your results reflect project scale-up conditions. 


Process & Control Expertise

Our engineers routinely develop, model, and test novel process and control solutions for unique treatment challenges. Whether you need a whole new plant, or amelioration of an existing project, we can help you to find the right solution and implement it. For example:

  • Our IonSelect solutions target and remove specific contaminants, avoiding the need for more complex treatment. 
  • Our ScaleSense real-time sensor enables continuous compliance monitoring and reduces chemical consumption in various process flows.
  • Our family of peak shaver solutions keep costs low by only treating a part of the flow, lowering capital costs.
  • Remove operation burdens with smart automation including compliance monitoring and self-cleaning.

Optimization, Testing & Pilots

After developing and modelling a new process for your project, we demonstrate that it works. Our fleet of pilot plants and equipment is ready to prove performance at our testing facilities or at your site.


Contact us to see how we can improve your process, reaching your targets and keeping costs down.

Saltworks Mechanical Engineer Evaluates Project Models and Thermal Graphs

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