Ammonia Stripping & Scrubbing with Crystallization Options

Extract ammonia, even from wastewaters containing high TDS, organics, or particulate. AmmoniaSelect is a robust, self-cleaning, ammonia stripper-scrubber solution. Spend less time cleaning packing and more time operating. Make solid ammonium sulfate on the backend with one comprehensive system.

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Introducing AmmoniaSelect

Stripper-scrubbers are important, well-established technology, used to extract ammonia from wastewaters too concentrated for sewer discharge or biological processes. Systems consist of two towers: (1) a stripper to remove ammonia, and (2) a scrubber to reabsorb it. The stripper is high-pH spray tower that liberates the ammonia from the feed solution as gas in an air stream. The scrubber is a low-pH spray tower that captures ammonia in an acidic solution, generating a clean ~35% ammonium sulfate solution. The clean ammonium sulfate is often used as a fertilizer.


Conventional stripper-scrubbers work quite well. However, the input wastewater solution can present a host of challenges for operators, particularly in keeping the dirtier stripper tower clean. Long and labour-intensive outages may be required, during which the packing material is removed and cleaned. At Saltworks, we engineer to minimize maintenance and down-time. That’s why we developed AmmoniaSelect, a robust stripper-scrubber that stays clean while it operates. This is particularly important for wastewaters such as anaerobic digester centrate.

AmmoniaSelect Ammonia Stripper Scrubber
AmmoniaSelect Skid
Biogas Digester
A Biogas Digester With Complex Ammonia Treatment Needs

AmmoniaSelect Differentiated

We developed AmmoniaSelect to offer the sector a robust, compact, and easy to install package that will extract ammonia from the toughest waters.


AmmoniaSelect helps clients achieve:

  • Compact modular design for rapid installation at a low cost
  • No single point-of-failure, with three strippers and three scrubbers in each AmmoniaSelect System
  • Low clogging packing with access hatches for rapid pressure-washing
  • All wetted parts are corrosion-free engineered plastics, suitable for high-TDS, high-temperature and high-ammonia operation.
  • Self-cleaning system built-in with easy to use operation

Make Solid Ammonium Sulfate

On its own, AmmoniaSelect can produce a solution of ~35% (NH4)2SO4. Some blend this with liquid fertilizers. Other customers seek a solid ammonium sulfate output.


We can package AmmoniaSelect with a crystallizer from our SaltMaker family to deliver an end-to-end ammonia extraction and solidification solution. This means you can reduce the mass of waste leaving your site by an additional 2.8×, while also recovering additional clean water. Our SaltMaker crystallizers come in a variety of configurations that enable optimization for your energy sources, including waste-heat driven solutions. Contact us to learn more.

Spreading Fertilizer with Ammonium Sulfate

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