BrineGo: Modular Membrane Concentrator

Leased Packaged Plant in 120 to 480 m3/day (31.5K-125K GPD) Blocks

Achieve ultra-high recovery and volume reduction with BrineGo – a modular membrane concentrator (MMC). The leased plants are assembled from Saltworks standardized brine management blocks, custom arranged for your needs. Remove scaling ions, organics, and push brine volume reduction to new limits: 80K or 130K mg/L TDS brine concentrations.

Component-Based Leased RO System

  • Leverage a standardized design incorporating our BrineRefine pre-conditioning technology and XtremeRO ultra high recovery reverse osmosis system.
  • Achieve effective water management and brine volume reduction in a leased plant supported by Saltworks and our partners.
  • Start saving operating cost today by reducing expensive off-site disposal volumes.
  • No more capital investment hurdle or learning curve for advanced water treatment – let the party most qualified to carry that risk hold it for you: Saltworks and our qualified partners.
Reverse Osmosis System for water treatment

Process Block Components

  • The system is built from repeating units of five sub-systems shown to the left, arranged in a treatment train defined by your project needs.
  • Saltworks’ BrineRefine is packaged in 120 m3/day blocks to pre-condition the water for downstream RO.
  • Saltworks’ XtremeRO two models achieve the brine volume reduction:
    • X-RO 1200: 1200 psi (80 bar) – 80K mg/L TDS brine
    • X-RO 1800: 1800 psi (12 bar) – 130K mg/L TDS brine
  • Our intelligent process engineering and controls tie the system together.
  • Run a free project assessment today, or get into details with a starter package that includes real water testing and detailed plant package development.

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