ElectroChem Advanced Electrodialysis

ElectroChem is an advanced electrodialysis reversal (EDR) system for industrial wastewater desalination that solves scaling issues and boosts recoveries.

Solve Your Fouling & Scaling Problems

  • Solve electrode scaling with patented electrode protection, removing the need to use acid electrolytes or to clean electrodes frequently

  • Intelligent self-cleaning procedures stop scale from forming to detrimental levels

Concentrate Brine & Turbocharge RO Recoveries

  • Soften brine to reach the full potential of your RO system and wring out even more freshwater for beneficial reuse.

  • Concentrates brine to low volumes in a membrane system only seen by thermal systems.

  • Desalt and lower consumption of polymers in enhanced oil recovery (EOR) produced water.

State-of-the-Art Ion Exchange Membranes

  • Engineered to remain resilient when treating oily wastewaters that cause scale to form

  • 98% ionic selectivity, 40% higher than conventional ion exchange membranes

  • Highly resistant to oxidizing agents, including bleach

Modular & Scalable

  • Modular skids for easy deployment and project integration


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