Flex EDR Organix

Flex EDR Organix desalinates wastewater and produced water with high concentrations of organics, removing the need for extensive pretreatment.

Flex EDR Stack

Remove Salt in the Presence of Harsh Organics

  • Treat oily wastewaters that swell conventional membranes with our IonFlux membranes that are engineered to remain resilient.

  • Reduce the need for complex pre-treatment when you only need to remove salt.

Desalinate Challenging or Produced Water for Low Salinity Reuse

  • Desalt high organic wastewaters not suitable for reverse osmosis – leave the organics in, take the salt out.
  • Tune your treated water to the salinity that delivers optimal performance and economics: take out the right level of salt, or customize chemistry where it matters such as enhanced oil recovery (EOR) water flooding

Truck carrying brine

Slash Your Chemical EOR Polymer Costs

  • Save substantially on polymer costs by desalting produced water as your make-up water.
  • Reduce your disposal costs and make-up water by economically desalinating produced water for reinjection at lower salinities.
  • Reuse some polymers in produced water by desalinating with Flex EDR Organix.

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