Industrial Wastewater Evaporators

Our industrial wastewater evaporators combine elements from mechanical vapour recompression and multi-effect evaporators. Leveraging sound design and intelligent controls while preventing common evaporator challenges, turn wastewater into freshwater and solids or reduce your overall wastewater volume through evaporation. Available in two designs, the SaltMaker MutiEffect and the SaltMaker AirBreather, we provide an ideal evaporator plant solution for every project.

SaltMaker Evaporator Crystallizer
  • Energy efficient evaporation crystallization plant.
  • Uses multiple effects or stages of humidification-dehumidification cycles to produce freshwater and solids.
  • Modular design that expands with your treatment project.
lower cost evaporator crystallizer model
  • Cost-effective open to atmosphere evaporator crystallizer.
  • Single effect plant that produces clean vapor discharge and solids.
  • Ideal for operations requiring wastewater volume reduction rather than recovery

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