Remove ammonia, convert to nitrogen gas

Ammonia Splitter is the solution the wastewater industry has been seeking: a temperature insensitive, immediate reaction, and fully controllable solution that converts ammonia to nitrogen gas.

Ammonia Splitter ammonia treatment system simplified process diagram. Converts ammonia to nitrogen gas.

Treatment options: full destruction or fertilizer

Ammonia is removed from wastewaters and converted to ammonium. Alternative to destruction, ammonium can be converted to ammonium sulfate fertilizer at 30% aqueous weight.

Ammonia Splitter ammonia treatment system simplified process diagram. Ammonia wastewater treatment, conversion to ammonium-based fertilizer product.

ElectroChem Stack

Utilizes Saltworks' ElectroChem platform with ammonia-tuned membranes, proprietary processing and controls. Compact and modular system that can bolt-on to existing plants and starts working immediately.

ElectroChem Advanced Electrodialysis E200 stack for industrial wastewater desalination, concentrating reverse osmosis (RO) brines, and replacing chemical softening pre-treatment (lime and soda ash).

IonFlux Ion Exchange Membrane

Our durable and resilient IonFlux Ion Exchange Membranes have best-in-class performance and durability. We’ve engineered our membranes to be resilient to hydrocarbons and organics.

Ion Exchange Membrane for wastewater treatment, desalination, treating produced water, enhanced oil recovery, reverse osmosis RO brine, advanced separations, and acid recycling

Solar Destruction of Ammonia

Solar photovoltaics can supply the low voltage DC power required for ammonia destruction in the Regenerator. The economics beat grid power in many regions through direct use of solar power without inverters. The system includes built-in energy storage so it keeps operating at night, storing ammonia in the capture fluid when the sun is not shining.

Solar Panel

Ammonia Splitter features:

  • Permanent ammonia destruction into safe nitrogen gas (air), removing ammonia liabilities and chain of custody forever
  • Resilience to organic foulants, and un-impacted by inorganic chemistry (salinity)
  • Fully automated packaged process, operate reliably 24/7 supported by Monday-Friday shift checks and remote operations support
  • Flexibility to treat any ammonia inlet concentration to any outlet concentration. Operate on concentrated streams to reduce ammonia load, or end of pipe streams to meet discharge limits with ease (EPA < 1.9 mg/L).
  • Instantaneous ON/OFF and turn-up/turn-down capabilities with full control to treat varying flows and ammonia levels. Start-up time is less than one hour to reach full capacity.
  • Robust design and resilient IonFlux Ion Exchange Membrane
  • Small and compact modular design for easy future expansion and easy bolt-on to existing treatment plants
  • Reactions are immediate and can operate in any climate unlike biological systems that require diligent temperature control and expensive heating systems in cold climates
  • No biological system to culture, feed with methanol or phosphorus, or worry about
  • A robust, reliable and simple method to destroy ammonia, everyday, with 100% controllability

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