Robust, ceramic ultrafiltration

Saltworks’ XtremeUF ceramic ultrafiltration (UF) is a robust and reliable option for challenging waters that polymeric UF cannot treat.

Polymeric & Ceramic UF

Ultrafiltration (UF) filters particles with a size of about 0.01 to 1 µm. This includes oils, grease, precipitated by-products, bacteria, viruses, and suspended solids. 

Most UF uses polymeric membranes. However, these struggle with challenging water constituents and higher particulate loads. 

Newer ceramic membranes are tougher, allowing UF to be used on highly impacted waters unsuitable for polymeric membranes. When operated correctly, the performance of ceramic membranes can be more readily recovered when fouled.

Photo of a Saltworks XtremeUF system, outdoors with a technician during testing
A Saltworks XtremeUF system with a technician during testing
Photo of XtremeUF columns in a full-scale skidded plant
Membrane vessels in a full-scale XtremeUF plant

Saltworks’ XtremeUF 

Saltworks’ XtremeUF was developed to filter and maintain performance on almost any wastewater reliably. It is based on off-the-shelf commodity ceramic membranes widely available from multiple vendors.

We package them into a well-engineered and intelligently automated skid that keeps the membranes clean while it operates. 

The result is higher reliability, lower energy consumption and higher performance than competing UF systems. XtremeUF is available in 0.01, 0.05, 0.1, 0.5, and 1.2 µm and with cross-flow and dead-end options.

Clarifier Replacement

Clarifiers are an established, reliable technology. However, new water challenges can require new thinking. 

When warranted, XtremeUF can replace a clarifier in a flow sheet, offering:

  • Higher quality output water with less ‘slip’ of smaller particles, ensuring that discharge standards are met.
  • Zero coagulant addition, reducing chemical consumption and fouling potential of downstream membrane assets.
  • Increased capacity per unit footprint, albeit at higher energy consumption.
Photo of a Saltworks team collaborating by an XtremeUF plant
Saltworks team members collaborating by an XtremeUF plant
XtremeUF plant for a semiconductor client

XtremeUF Solutions

XtremeUF is a core process in all of our complete packaged systems.

It integrates with our BrineRefine technology to intelligently remove constituents of concern. We also provide XtremeUF skids to complement your existing treatment assets.

Contact us to learn more about how XtremeUF can optimize your project.