Robust, ceramic ultrafiltration

Ultrafiltration (UF) filters particles with a size range of about 0.01 to 1 µm. This includes oils, grease, precipitated by-products, bacteria, viruses, and suspended solids. UF is widely used in industrial wastewater treatment, often employing polymeric membranes. However, ceramic membrane UF systems have some advantages and the technology has rapidly advanced. Saltworks’ XtremeUF can help meet your project’s goals when traditional polymeric UF cannot.

Polymeric & Ceramic UF

Most UF systems employ polymeric membranes, especially those in municipal water treatment. However, polymeric UF membranes struggle in harsh environments and with higher particulate loads.


Ceramic UF membranes are now commodity, standardized items. Their cost has been driven down, opening UF’s application range given that they are extremely robust. In comparison to polymeric membranes, ceramics can treat much more heavily impacted wastewaters and—if operated correctly—their performance can be recovered once fouled.

Photo of a Saltworks XtremeUF system, outdoors with a technician during testing
A Saltworks XtremeUF system with a technician during testing
Photo of XtremeUF columns in a full-scale skidded plant
Membrane vessels in a full-scale XtremeUF plant

Introducing XtremeUF 

Saltworks has developed a ceramic membrane system for repeated industrial implementation. We use off-the-shelf commodity ceramic membranes that are widely available from multiple vendors. We package them into a well-engineered and intelligently automated skid that keeps the membranes clean while it operates.


Our novel UF systems offer low energy and high performance, with both cross-flow and dead-end options.

Clarifier Replacement

Clarifiers are an established, reliable technology that successfully treat much of the world’s wastewater. However, new water challenges can require new thinking. When warranted, XtremeUF can replace a clarifier in a flow sheet, offering:

  • Higher quality output water with less ‘slip’ of smaller particles, ensuring that discharge standards are met.
  • Zero coagulant addition, reducing chemical consumption and fouling potential of downstream membrane assets.
  • Increased capacity per unit footprint, albeit at higher energy consumption.

With the above considerations and specific project details in mind, Saltworks’ engineers can integrate clarifiers or XtremeUF into your project.

Photo of a Saltworks team collaborating by an XtremeUF plant
Saltworks team members collaborating by an XtremeUF plant
Photo of an XtremeUF ceramic ultrafiltration pilot and testing system
One of Saltworks' pilot XtremeUF systems

XtremeUF Solutions

XtremeUF filters almost any wastewater, opening up UF applications to highly impacted waters unsuitable for polymeric UF. XtremeUF ensures that membranes maintain performance, even when treating the toughest wastewater.


With various capacity and filter specifications available, XtremeUF is suited for many applications. It is currently available with filtration specifications of 0.01, 0.05, 0.1, 0.5, and 1.2 µm.


We have pilot plants ready to prove performance at your site or ours. Contact us to learn more about how XtremeUF can benefit your project.

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