Brine Management Systems

Our innovative brine management technology includes compact chemical softening, advanced reverse osmosis concentrators, industrial evaporators, crystallizers, and electrodialysis systems that reduce your disposal and trucking costs, and maximize freshwater recovery.

Chemical Softening System called Brine Refine

Increase RO System Recovery

  • Improve the performance of existing or added RO assets by optimizing your chemistry with BrineRefine – our automated chemical softening system.
  • Reach concentrations as high as 130,000 mg/L TDS with our Xtreme RO technology, as much as two times the concentrations that conventional reverse osmosis systems can achieve.

Achieve True Zero Liquid Discharge​

  • Treat oily and organic wastewater, and brine to low volumes with IonFlux membranes using modern electrodialysis Flex EDR Organix.
  • Increase internal recycling and remove problematic ions such as chlorides with monovalent electrodialysis Flex EDR Selective. Using our monovalent anion exchange membranes, Flex EDR Selective can target ions that require blowing down, enabling increased recycling and lowering volumes of wastewater. Operate on highly scaling waters, such as flue gas desulfurization (FGD) wastewater or cooling tower blowdown, and remove only sodium, calcium, and chloride to achieve extremely high brine concentrations.

Leased Standardized Plant: Reduce brine management costs through an advanced reverse osmosis system built from standardized process blocks.

Reduce Brine Volumes: Designed to handle scale, organics, and concentrate brines to 80K or 130K mg/L.

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