Saltworks is pioneering the future of sustainable water. Our mission is to provide industry-leading technologies that treat the toughest wastewaters at the lowest total cost and environmental footprint. We help our customers recycle and reuse wastewater, remove contaminants, extract valuable resources, and concentrate brine for minimal and zero liquid discharge.

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Saltworks Mechanical and Chemical Engineers Discuss Zero Liquid Discharge Treatment Train Design

Project Reviews

Treatment Options Analysis & Economics: Inform next-step decisions for your water project

Process Optimization: Model and optimize solutions before investing in pilots or larger capital plants
Saltworks Wastewater Ions Treatment

Target Ions of Concern

IonSelect: Target & remove specific ions

SilicaSelect: Effectively remove silica from cooling tower blowdown, RO brine, and more

SulfateSelect: Flexible sulfate removal for high & low TDS waters
Saltworks Engineer Inspects Plant Operations

Prove Performance

Bench & Pilot Test Services: Comprehensive offsite testing infrastructure and our mobile pilot fleet help de-risk your project
brine management solids from ZLD

Concentrate Brines

BrineGo: Modular membrane concentrator for ultra-high recovery and volume reduction

SaltMaker: Modernized evaporators and crystallizers for reliable minimal and zero liquid discharge
BrineRefine for Mining

Designed & Built to Suit

Custom Engineered Solutions: Let us innovate, design, and build a plant for your unique application
Saltworks Water Operations Expert at the Remote Operations and Asset Management System

Operate & Monitor Remotely

Remote Operations & Asset Management: 24/7 support, instant access to expert operators, reporting, and proactive maintenance alerts
Safe Wastewater Discharge After Treatment

Achieve Treatment Goals

Ammonia Peak Shaver: Reduce ammonia to achieve discharge compliance or reduce load on downstream biological processes

TDS Peak Shaver: Reduce total dissolved solids to minimize total treatment and residual waste

Zero or Minimal Liquid Discharge: Reduce disposal costs and maximize freshwater recovery with optimized membrane and thermal systems