Industrial Water + Lithium

Saltworks is pioneering the future of sustainable water and lithium: designing, building, and delivering innovative solutions for treating industrial wastewaters and refining lithium.

We deliver end-to-end industrial desalination and lithium refining systems by combining our advanced products into fully digitized modular plants that achieve zero liquid discharge (ZLD) or produce critical mineral outputs. Learn more about the industry-leading reliability and performance of our process solutions. 

We can help you concentrate, refine, and convert lithium brine to battery grade products. Learn more about our Lithium Brine to Battery Process Flow and accelerate your project with our Lithium Test Center.

Explore technologies for lithium processing, chemical treatment, desalination, evaporation, and zero liquid discharge (ZLD).

Add value with process flow optimization, bench and pilot testing, full-scale delivery, on-site training, and remote support.

See the applications and industries served by Saltworks’ advanced industrial wastewater treatment and lithium refining technologies. 

Our talented people power our success, inventing and building the world’s most advanced water treatment and lithium refining technologies.