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Saltworks Technologies offers industry leading technologies and services for treating challenging wastewater. We deliver cost effective and reliable treatment trains for industrial water that has high salt and ammonia concentrations.

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SaltMaker Evaporator Crystallizer

SaltMaker is an industrial wastewater treatment plant that operates as a crystallizer to produce solids or as an evaporator to reduce brine volume.

Flex EDR

Flex EDR is an advanced desalination system that uses electrodialysis reversal to reuse wastewater, increase RO recovery & desalt oily, organic-laden water.

Salt Splitter

Salt Splitter works with reverse osmosis RO systems to separate scaling ion pairs and dramatically improve recovery rates in otherwise scale limited waters.

Ammonia Splitter

Ammonia Splitter is a compact and controllable ammonia treatment solution for removing and destroying ammonia to meet any wastewater discharge requirement.

Solution Design

Leverage our leading water treatment expertise to solve your salinity or ammonia challenge. We provide process development and troubleshooting, modeling, and testing services.


Remote Operations & Asset Management is peace of mind for running your plant. We provide 24/7 precision process control, monitoring, and proactive maintenance alerts.