Bio-Energy Wastewater Treatment

Targeted and comprehensive solutions for bio-gas wastewater

Our wastewater treatment team can support bio-gas generation by helping you to assess and economically treat digester wastewater. We have solutions ranging from ammonia load reduction, to selective contaminant removal to closed-loop ZLD, and everything in-between.

Biogas Wastewater

Biogas-producing anaerobic digesters produce methane gas from organic wastes. The methane can then be used in transportation, power generation, or heating. Digesters also produce wastewater, which cannot usually be re-used directly or discharged into a public sewer.


Depending on the digester feed and other factors, typical wastewater issues include total suspended solids (TSS), total dissolved solids (TDS), ammonia, biological oxygen demand (BOD), and chemical oxygen demand (COD). Depending on project needs, treatment involves the application of various technologies. Options range from reducing TSS and ammonia (nitrogen), to targeted selective contaminant removal of metals (e.g. zinc), up to a comprehensive ZLD process.

Photo of a wastewater aeration system
A wastewater aeration tank for the treatment of ammonia
Process flow diagram of a biogas digestate treatment flow
Overview of a comprehensive treatment solution for digester wastewater with MLD/ZLD options (not all steps are necessarily required).

Digestate Wastewater Management

To decide on an appropriate and cost-effective treatment process, it is critical to know the wastewater chemistry in detail and understand the treatment goals. Saltworks can review water chemistry and specific project requirements so that a digester wastewater treatment process is delivered that balances simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and reliability. We can also help to inform your total plant mass and options analysis. Contact us for project reviews, water testing, pilots, and more.

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Ammonium Ammonia

Ammonia Wastewater Treatment

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to removing ammonia from wastewater. Saltworks can help you understand your options, including hybridizing solutions with biological treatments to boost capacity and reliability, or provide entirely non-biological pathways.

Photo of a biogas digester

Anaerobic Digester Wastewater Management During Biogas Production

Digester wastewaters are by-products of biogas production in anaerobic digesters. They require treatment prior to disposal. To meet regulation compliance, treatment options range from minor interventions such as selective contaminant removal, to major interventions such as minimum and zero liquid discharge (MLD/ZLD).

3D model of the phenol molecule structure

Removing Highly Toxic Phenolic Compounds: Wastewater Treatment Options

Excessive phenolic compounds are harmful to human health and the environment. Chlorophenols, by-products of chlorinating phenol-containing water, are carcinogens. A treatment system needs to be chosen and engineered carefully, with consideration of specific wastewater chemistry, operating conditions, and economics.