Pulp and Paper Wastewater


Brine Management & Volume Reduction: Maximize recovery, reduce disposal costs


Cooling Tower Blowdown: Increase cycles, reduce make-up & blowdown


Disposal Wells: Reduce fluid volume, prevent plugging


Pond Volume Management: Reduce volume, reach hydraulic balance


Wastewater Reuse: High recovery treatment solutions


Wastewater Treatment: Intelligent, economic industrial wastewater treatment

Mine Wastewater Treatment


Ammonia: Selective optimized ammonia removal


Brackish Water Desalination: Manage TDS & residual brine


Heavy Metals: Precision advanced chemical treatment


Landfills: Leachate reduction & treatment solutions


PFAS: Multiple options for forever-chemical treatment


Sulfates: Monitor & selectively remove

Automotive Manufacturing


Automotive: Treat wastewaters from metallurgy, battery production & more


Microelectronics: Treat flouride, metals, ammonia & more


Petrochemical: Treat refinery wastewater, remove desalter chlorides


Pharmaceutical: Treat complex wastewaters with certainty


Pulp & Paper: Treat BOD, suspended solids & bleaching agents

Oil & Gas Produced Waters


Bio-Energy: Economically treat digester wastewater for ammonia, organics & other contaminants


Lithium Extraction & Refining: Solutions for harvesting & improving yield


Mining & Metals: Manage tailings, recover valuable metals


Oil & Gas: Treat produced waters, recover more hydrocarbons

Agriculture Wastewater Treatment


Agriculture: Reduce freshwater demand & recycle fertilizer byproducts


Breweries & Distilleries: Solutions for macro and craft producers


Food & Beverage: Manage organics & minimize waste


Greenhouses & Vertical Farming: Recycle irrigation water & boost yields

power plant


Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD): Recycle FGD wastewater with selective chloride removal


Minimal/Zero Liquid Discharge (MLD/ZLD): Membrane & thermal solutions for minimizing waste

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