Our Services

Saltworks offers a comprehensive suite of services to support our clients in planning, optimizing, and maintaining their industrial wastewater and lithium refining projects. Our expert team helps clients achieve their technical, financial, and operational goals. Whether you are seeking project options analysis, optimization, or on-site support, we are proud to offer our best-in-class services.

For clients seeking to de-risk and test technology alternatives to establish cost-optimized solutions before detailed design and implementation. Saltworks’ pilot services carve a clear and optimized path to scale. 

Our customizable testing services range from rapid and simple bench tests to comprehensive pilot programs employing our fleet of pilot plants that can be re-arranged into bespoke processes. Learn more.

For clients wanting to accelerate lithium refining projects to full-scale implementation. Saltworks owns and operates an in-house, full-scale, representative, end-to-end pilot lithium refinery.

Our proprietary concentrate, refine, convert (CRC) technology is the foundation of our in-house mini refinery processing brines into battery-grade lithium carbonate and lithium hydroxide. We do not pilot test direct lithium extraction (DLE) but accept DLE eluate from others. Learn more.

Photo of a full-scale, 2-module, Saltworks BrineRefine plant

Saltworks supports corporate industrial water and lithium processing strategies with expertise garnered through our in-house piloting, production, and operation. We work with clients and leading engineering firms leveraging our specialized skills, data sets, process models, and know-how.

Our technology-agnostic approach, creative engineers, and focus on robust and optimized solutions ensure success by providing advanced equipment and Strategic Technical Services based on firsthand knowledge of economics, performance, and risk of treatment options. Learn more.

For clients seeking reliable and expert operational support, on-site technical training, and remote systems monitoring.

Our field and monitoring services span operation and site performance, expansion reviews, operator training, and remote operations management and optimization.

You can rely on Saltworks’ 24/7 Remote Operations Asset Management to monitor and adjust your plants’ uptime and performance trends. Learn more.

Part Sales Program

For clients needing a one-stop-shop for consumables and spare parts packages. Our systems are built with “on and off shelf” performance-guaranteed parts, ensuring we can support you in maintenance and replacement over time.

Our robust parts replacement program can be tailored to your needs, timelines, and vendor preferences. Speak with our experts today to begin supporting your new or existing systems with our expansive parts program. Learn more. 

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