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Manage organics and TDS, recover solids, and minimize waste

Water is essential to food and beverage manufacturers. Whether you want to reach circular economy goals, or simply improve your bottom line, Saltworks can help. We have solutions for meeting discharge limits, recycling wastewater, and minimizing brine waste.
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Food & Beverage Challenges

Saltworks helps food and beverage producers treat wastewater, achieve water reuse, recover by-products, and meet discharge limits. We treat the toughest brines, even those laden with organics.


Our experts can help you meet recovery targets with modernized electrodialysis reversal (EDR) and enhanced reverse osmosis (RO) systems. We can augment your existing processes with ‘bolt-on’ solutions, or design and deliver new systems fitted to your needs: 

  • Recycling water and reagents such as acids & salts
  • Treating for organics, oils and grease
  • Reducing waste volumes for minimal or zero liquid discharge
  • Targeting dissolved ions using selective removal
  • Reducing total dissolved solids (TDS) with modernized EDR and producing purified sodium/calcium/chloride brine
  • Enhancing RO recovery and mitigating fouling risk
  • Wine tartaric stabilization
Food and Beverage Wastewater Treatment
Membrane System - Reverse Osmosis

Expertly Optimized RO 

Many food and beverage manufacturers rely on reverse osmosis (RO) to concentrate waste streams for disposal and recover fresh water for processing. We can help you get the most out of RO with a suite of products that maximize performance, cost-effectiveness, and longevity:

  • BrineRefine scaling ion removal with precision automated chemical dosing
  • Highly robust XtremeUF ceramic ultrafiltration for organics and particulate removal
  • XtremeRO/NF brine concentration systems available in three pressure classes to meet your recovery needs
  • Dynamic recovery control with our ScaleSense sensors to optimize recovery in real time as water conditions change
  • Our SaltMaker evaporator crystallizer range further concentrates brine to minimal or zero liquid discharge (MLD or ZLD)
  • SaltMaker ChilledCrys withdraws dissolved sodium sulfate as a solid, suitable for reuse. 

Wastewater Treatment Options 

Meeting your food and beverage wastewater treatment needs may require an optimal combination of treatment, transport, and disposal options. Saltworks technical experts can help you to understand your options—including discharge regulations and economics.


Take the next step with our comprehensive pilot program and fully skidded, scalable, and ready-to-operate systems. Contact us to learn more. 

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Food & Beverage Related Products


An automated, real-time sensor for saline water that measures calcium (Ca2+), barium (Ba2+), sulfate (SO42-) ions and silica (SiO2). ScaleSense is robust and corrosion-resistant and functions accurately and precisely, even at extremely high-TDS. More ...

SaltMaker VapComp Evaporator Crystallizer

Compact and only requires power to operate. Combines Mechanical Vapor Recompression (MVR) technology with robust system design, solids management, and self-cleaning automation. More ...

XtremeRO/NF Brine Concentrator

Next-generation water-maker and brine-concentrator based on reverse osmosis that achieves extreme freshwater recoveries, enabling cost-effective brine management and treatment of challenging organic-laden waters including oil & gas produced waters. More ...

XtremeUF Ceramic Ultrafiltration System

An ultra-robust ceramic based ultrafilter that can remove suspended solids, oils, and grease from the most challenging slurries & impacted wastewaters. XtremeUF cleans as it operates, to ensure your membranes maintain performance. More ...

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