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IonFlux Ion Exchange Membranes deliver best-in-class performance for electrodialysis and ion separation applications using new generation polymer chemistry.
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Next-Gen Ion Exchange Membranes

Our breakthrough polymer technology delivers best-in-class selectivity, conductivity, chemical & pH tolerance, and mechanical durability.


We offer several models to suit your application: anion/cation selective, monovalent ion selective, proton selective, and proton blocking.


IonFlux membranes are manufactured in our quality-assured production facility and offered exclusively in Saltworks’ FlexEDR Organix and FlexEDR Selective systems.



IonFlux EDR Membrane Line
ionflux ion exchange membrane

Industry Leading Performance

  • High selectivity monovalent ion exchange membranes (i.e. remove chlorides and leave in sulfates) that enable advanced separations previously impossible
  • High multivalent ion transference removes scaling ions for reduced fouling in downstream RO and concentration processes
  • Resilient in scaling and oily wastewaters, hydrocarbon tolerance C1–C10

  • Highly resistant to oxidizing agents (up to 1,000 ppm) including bleach

  • Stable over pH 0–12 and up to 60°C (140°F)

  • Smooth membrane surface minimizes fouling and scaling

  • Mechanically strong — ductile and tear resistant

Groundbreaking Selectivity

  • Effectively separate mono- and multi-valent ions with 98% monovalent ionic selectivity
  • Perform previously impossible chemical separations
  • 40% higher selectivity than conventional ion exchange membranes
periodic table selective removal
ionflux ion exchange membrane

Solution for Wide Applications

  • Selectively remove ions and dissolved salts
  • Desalt water with high organics not suitable for RO or conventional EDR
  • Perform chemical recovery from mine runoff, factory effluent, and other wastewaters
  • Treat Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) produced water
  • Remove ammonia from wastewater
  • Eliminate soda ash softening

IonFlux Applications

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