IonFlux Ion Exchange Membrane

IonFlux Ion Exchange Membranes deliver best-in-class performance for electrodialysis and ion separation applications using new generation polymer chemistry.

Industry Leading Membrane Technology

  • Thin and low resistance

  • Stable over wide pH and temperature ranges

  • Smooth surfaces prevent fouling and scaling

  • Best-in-class membrane design and robustness

  • Highly resistant to oxidizing agents, including bleach

  • Resilient in scaling and oily wastewaters

  • Desalt water that contains high organic content not suited for RO or traditional EDR

Advanced Polymer Chemistry for Every Application

  • Anion, cation, monovalent and proton exchange membranes with permselectivity, high ion transference and low resistance
  • Membranes designed to suit your application, including:

> Eliminate soda ash softening

> Selectively removing ions and dissolved salts

> Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)

> Desalting organic wastewater

> Removing ammonia from wastewater

> Brackish water desalination

> Mine runoff and tailings treatment

Groundbreaking Selectivity

  • 98% ionic selectivity, 40% higher than conventional ion exchange membranes

  • Separate single charged ions from multi charged ions

  • Can selectively remove only ammonia

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