Cooling Tower Blowdown

Treat and reuse cooling tower blowdown without chemicals, reach true ZLD. Remove salts from circulating cooling water, increase cycles.

Reach true zero liquid discharge (ZLD) with the SaltMaker MultiEffect Evaporator Crystallizer.

Improve recovery of existing reverse osmosis assets with Flex EDR. Flex EDR can function as a kidney on the cooling tower to remove specific ions and increase cycles.

Flex EDR Selective changes water chemistry from scaling to non-scaling, maximizing recoveries.

Solutions for:

  • Treatment of cooling tower blowdown
  • Selective ion removal
  • Improve RO performance

Benefit from:

  • True zero liquid discharge
  • Increase cycles using EDR kidney to remove ions
  • Remove ionic scaling limits
  • Turbo charge reverse osmosis (RO) while reducing fouling potential
  • Increase RO system recovery
  • Soften RO feed, concentrate the brine
  • Reduce waste volume, reduce trucking, reduce disposal bills
  • Mobile pilot plants available

Our Technologies

  • True zero liquid discharge (ZLD)
  • Produce freshwater and solids
  • Treat any concentrated blowdown wastewater with little to no pre-treatment
  • Modular design
  • Open to atmosphere lower cost, higher capacity, evaporator including solids capability

  • Pair with low cost thermal energy
  • Actively manage volatile risks

Xtreme Reverse Osmosis device Saltworks Technologies
  • Technology advancements in reverse osmosis are enabling its second generation application to challenging waters.
  • XtremeRO enables this second generation with: scale and organic management, new membrane products, and advanced process controls that can treat organic laden waters and concentrate brines up to 130,000 mg/L.

  • Precise, compact chemical softening: modular & cost optimized.
  • Integrated controls, no clarifier, no floc or coagulant.
  • XtremeRO (X-RO) concentrates brines to 130,000 mg/L, halving conventional RO brine volumes.
  • Soften RO feed, concentrate brine
  • Bolt-on to existing RO plants, maximize recoveries
  • Minimal pre-treatment
  • Function as a kidney to cooling tower: remove all ions of concern
  • Extreme recoveries on previously scale limited waters
Flex EDR Stack

Project Summaries

Saltworks has successfully treated some of the most difficult wastewaters. These projects treated various waste streams to meet discharge regulations, reuse requirements or selective recoveries.

Looking for more in-depth knowledge about cooling tower blowdown treatment? 

Read our blog about Treating SAGD Blowdown. 

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