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Saltworks can solve your cooling tower blowdown challenges. We can add novel sensors and controls to your cooling tower to minimize water consumption and blowdown production. We can treat blowdown for re-use at extreme recoveries or achieve zero liquid discharge.











Water and Cooling Towers

Cooling towers are widely used in industrial processes to eject heat. As cooling tower water is cycled and evaporated, it can become high in total dissolved solids (TDS). This accumulation results in the need to periodically ‘blow down’ the cooling tower water and replace it with freshwater.


Every cooling tower project is unique. Some can be optimized—through advanced sensors—to boost performance. Others can have specific contaminants of concern removed, such as scaling ions or chlorides, enabling higher cycling. Higher cycling means lower water consumption, and lower blowdown generation. 

Cooling Tower Blowdown Options

Cooling tower blowdown (CTB) management strategies may involve one or more of the following options:


Optimize performance with ScaleSense: a robust, real-time sensor is the lowest cost first solution. Make sure you are getting maximum performance and cycles out of your cooling tower.


Remove scaling ions with BrineRefine: our automated chemical softening system can selectively remove scaling species such as calcium, sulfate, and silica. Run your tower at higher cycles as a result.


Treat blowdown with XtremeRO: our next generation reverse osmosis systems can treat CTB to produce freshwater, which can be re-used, and a low volume brine.


Achieve ZLD with SaltMaker: our advanced evaporator crystallizers turn low volume brine into solids, to achieve zero liquid discharge.


Real-Time Scaling Risk Monitoring 

Saltworks’ has developed new real-time sensor technologies that can measure the concentrations of scaling ions, even at high-TDS. 


An accurate measurement of scaling ions in real-time means that the real scaling risk—rather than assumed risk—can be known.


This can improve cooling tower function by allowing safe reductions in freshwater and anti-scalant treatments.


Cooling Tower Blowdown Related Products




An automated, real-time sensor for saline waters that measures calcium (Ca2+), barium (Ba2+), sulfate (SO42-) ions and silica (SiO2). ScaleSense is robust and corrosion-resistant and functions accurately and precisely, even at extremely high-TDS.


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BrineRefine Chemical

Softening System

BrineRefine Chemical Softening System

Smart, compact, modular chemical softening system that reduces costs with precision dosing and built-in solids management. Improves recovery and minimizes fouling risk with intelligent controls that communicate with downstream assets, like RO or evaporators.


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XtremeRO/NF Brine 


Xtreme Reverse Osmosis device Saltworks Technologies

Next-generation water-maker and brine-concentrator based on reverse osmosis that achieves extreme freshwater recoveries, enabling cost-effective brine management and treatment of challenging organic-laden waters including oil & gas produced waters.


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SaltMaker AirBreather Pilot plant

The first evaporator-crystallizer with no atmospheric contact, important for water with volatile organics. Choose between no liquid water return or clean water that is safe for discharge.


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Cooling Tower Blowdown Volume Reduction Case Study

Learn How We Achieve 70x Cooling Tower Blowdown Volume Reduction

Achieving 70x Cooling Tower Blowdown Volume Reduction

Cooling towers are used by industrial plants to reject waste heat to atmosphere. A portion of the cooling water is blown down after a number of cycles of concentration, before the ions and metals reach their scaling limits. This blowdown requires management.

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