Mine Water Treatment Technologies

We provide cost effective solutions for mine water treatment and volume reduction, such as ultra high recovery reverse osmosis, zero liquid discharge evaporative crystallizers, and selective contaminant remove (i.e. chlorides).  

Solutions for:

  • Treating groundwater and acid mine runoff.
  • Reduce wastewater volume to lower tailings requirements.
  • Squeeze wastewater down to zero liquid discharge solids.
  • Eliminate scaling problems, reduce chemical treatment, and improve freshwater recovery for reuse or recycling.
  • Maximize yield by selectively separating valuable metals and ions from wastewater or process streams.

Our Technologies

Engineer inspects BRAD module
  • Intelligent XtremeRO achieves industry leading brine concentration in a modular platform, concentrating brines to 130,000 mg/L (half of conventional RO brine volume).
  • Pair with BrineRefine, offering precise up-stream chemical softening with no clarifier, no floc or coagulant to protect your downstream RO system.
  • Achieve reliable true zero liquid discharge on challenging saline water.
  • Modular, low-temperature crystallization.
  • Self-cleaning and reliable, producing concentrated brine or solids.
  • Read about what makes our SaltMaker special.
Flex EDR stack with membranes in between
  • Permanently change scaling water chemistry to non-scaling without chemical treatment with Flex EDR Selective.
  • Selectively remove chlorides in our monovalent EDR ‘chloride kidney.’
  • Recover valuable metals and minerals by selectively extracting ions, using uses highly selective.

Simplify your operations and maintenance with 24/7 support by our remote operations experts. We keep your plant assets running smoothly with proactive monitoring, maintenance alerts, and live assistance for on-site operators.

Remote Operations Asset Management
Saltworks Engineers Working at an Ammonia Splitter Pilot Plant 1

Advanced Treatment Process Design

Our technical experts have extensive experience designing water treatment trains for mining that leverage our innovative technologies as well as standard industry equipment. Trust us to provide the most complete assessment of your treatment needs, from water sample testing to process optimization.

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