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 Saltworks can help with Ammonia challenges. Different wastewater solutions are required for different ammonia challenges. We offer robust, comprehensive processes including reverse osmosis. 













Ammonia Challenges

Ammonia (NH3) is critical to many industrial and agricultural processes. As a serious and common water pollutant, it is becoming more heavily scrutinised and regulated. High ammonia concentration can prevent the discharge or reuse of many waters.


Biological treatment and/or stripper scrubbers are widely used in ammonia wastewater treatment. Biological treatment can produce harmless nitrogen gas, while stripper scrubbers manufacture a rich ammonium sulfate solution, which can be blended into fertilizer. 


However, these methods can be stretched as industrial wastewater volumes grow. Saltworks can help with your ammonia challenges.


Choosing the Right Treatment

Saltworks can facilitate, boost capacity, or optimize your ammonia process by:

  • Comprehensive mass and energy balance review, with economic mapping of alternatives
  • Selective ammonia removal, reducing the load on your biological assets
  • End-to-end ammonia strip, scrub, & crystallize solutions
  • Ammonium solids crystallization with SaltMaker, removing waste brines from your system while producing a re-usable ammonium solid salt
  • Ammonia concentration with XtremeRO advanced reverse osmosis, while producing a clean freshwater permeate for re-use or discharge
  • Converting ammonia to nitrogen gas via chemical or electrochemical methods

Reverse Osmosis for Ammonia 

Saltworks has installed several industrial ammonia RO systems operating at over 98% recovery. RO treatment of ammonia requires specialized knowledge and plant configuration. The result is clean freshwater that can be discharged, while ammonia wastewater is concentrated 50 times!


We can help you to consider your options—and if warranted, deliver an ammonia RO concentrator plant. We can also help with that final 2% concentrated ammonium waste.

Reverse Osmosis Unit

Crystallizers for Ammonium Salts

Most stripper-scrubbers produce a 35% ammonium sulfate solution by mass (it’s still 65% water). Why ship water off site? We can help you concentrate and crystallize that solution as an ammonium sulfate solid with our SaltMaker products.


In some cases, the ammonium sulfate route can be replaced to use less chemicals, generate more valuable ammonium salts, and result in less ammonium mass at the end of the process. Contact us with your ammonia wastewater chemistry, flow rates, and treatment goals for an options assessment today.

Ammonia Treatment Related Products

XtremeRO Brine 


Xtreme Reverse Osmosis device Saltworks Technologies

Next-generation water-maker and brine-concentrator based on reverse osmosis that achieves extreme freshwater recoveries, enabling cost-effective brine management and treatment of challenging organic-laden waters including oil & gas produced waters.



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BrineRefine Chemical Softening System

BrineRefine Chemical Softening System

Smart, compact, modular chemical softening system that reduces costs with precision dosing and built-in solids management. Improves recovery and minimizes fouling risk with intelligent controls that communicate with downstream assets, like RO or evaporators.


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The first evaporator-crystallizer with no atmospheric contact, important for water with volatile organics. Choose between no liquid water return or clean water that is safe for discharge.






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Modern, modular, and intelligently automated evaporator-crystallizer that concentrates brine or produces low volume solids for zero liquid discharge.






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