Brine  Concentration

A smart, compact, and modular chemical softening system.



Zero Liquid Discharge

Energy efficient, volume reduction.

Higher capacity, higher energy.

Desalt High Organics 
or Produced Water

Desalinate wastewater or produced water with high concentrations of organics.


XtremeRO >

Employ desal’s workhorse (RO) with preconditioning, membranes, and process-control designed for rugged O&G applications.

XtremeUF >

Filter out particulate, bacteria, viruses, oils and grease greater with ceramic ultrafiltration membranes.

Selective Ion Removal 
and Salt Extraction

Selectively remove ions or salts from challenging wastewater.


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A modular membrane concentrator achieves ultra-high recovery and volume reduction.

Custom Solutions 

We develop, design and engineer custom ion mining and water solutions.

24/7 remote monitoring, operations, and expert support.

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