Our Technologies

Designed from the ground-up for high reliability, low cost implementation, and ease of use. We back up our products with unparalleled customer support and 24/7 monitoring through our Remote Operations Center.

Zero Liquid Discharge Systems

Low temperature evaporator crystallizer. Input low grade heat and your wastewater or brine. Produce two outputs: freshwater and all contaminants reduced to solids for true zero liquid discharge.

Membrane Systems

Advanced next-generation electrodialysis reversal (EDR) for industrial wastewater treatment using our IonFlux ion exchange membranes. Patented advantages over traditional electrodialysis deliver reliable, high concentration operation and increased recoveries.

Permanently change water chemistry and enable extreme recoveries on previously scale limited waters. Builds on Electrodialysis Metathesis (EDM) technology.

Remove and destroy ammonia to meet any wastewater discharge requirement. A compact, expandable and controllable ammonia treatment solution.

IonFlux Ion Exchange Membranes deliver best-in-class performance for electrodialysis and ion separation applications using new generation polymer chemistry.

Plant Monitoring Systems & Analytics

Rely on our Remote Operations and Asset Management to support your water treatment systems 24/7 with precision control, instant access to our expert operations team, proactive maintenance alerts and a customized reporting dashboard.

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