A smart chemical softener that removes scaling ions, enabling downstream RO brine concentration. 


Reverse osmosis & nanofiltration systems designed for challenging wastewaters & ultra high recovery.


A modular membrane concentrator system that concentrates brines to 130k mg/L TDS in a complete package.

SaltMaker Family

Family of evaporators & crystallizers with options for your needs. Self-cleaning and no complex pre-treatment.

Zero Liquid

SaltMaker MultiEffect Evaporator Crystallizer

Low temperature (<95 °C) thermal concentrator. Energy efficient volume reduction.

SaltMaker AirBreather Evaporator Crystallizer

Low temperature (<95 °C) thermal concentrator. Higher capacity, higher energy.

SaltMaker ChilledCrys

Highly efficient crystallizer for specific salt ion pairs.

SaltMaker VapComp

The best forced circulation MVR technology with expert design, electrical powering & automation.

Desalt High Organics 
or Produced Water


Filter out particulate, bacteria, viruses, oils & grease better with ceramic ultrafiltration membranes.


Reverse osmosis & nanofiltration systems designed for challenging wastewaters & ultra high recovery.

Flex EDR Organix

Desalinate wastewater or produced water with high concentrations of organics.

Selective Ion Removal 
and Salt Extraction


Modernized phys-chem separations: precipitate and filter out ions of concern.  

Flex EDR Selective

Selectively remove ions or salts from challenging wastewater.


Target specific ions and contaminants of concern through a variety of methods, not a single technology.  


Targets Silica to increase water reuse & RO recovery.


Suite of processes to remove sulfate, perhaps without requiring brine management.

Sensors &
Process Optimization


Measure scaling ions in real-time to boost recovery and minimize waste. 

Custom Solutions

Water treatment is not always the solution. Avoid it by optimizing existing assets or minimizing treatment needs.

Services &

Treatment Options Analysis & Economics

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Bench & Pilot Testing

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Custom Engineered Solutions

We develop, design, and engineer custom water solutions, leveraging our depth of knowledge and partners.


24/7 remote monitoring, operations, and expert support.


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