Treatment Options Analysis

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Brine  Concentration

Xtreme Reverse Osmosis >

Reduce volume up to concentrations of 130,000 mg/L TDS.

SaltMaker Evaporator Crystallizer >

Reduce volume of any brine without pretreatment.

Zero Liquid Discharge

SaltMaker Evaporator Crystallizer >

Produce zero liquid discharge solids.

Desalt High Organics 
or Produced Water

Flex EDR Organix >

Desalinate wastewater or produced water with high concentrations of organics.

Selective Ion Removal 
and Salt Extraction

Flex EDR Selective >

Selectively remove ions or salts from challenging wastewater.

Flex EDR Ammonia >

Remove ammonia from wastewater that inhibits biological activity.

Remote Wastewater
Plant Operations 


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