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Produced water treatment

We treat oil & gas produced waters to reduce waste volumes and disposal costs, minimize chemical usage, and recover more hydrocarbons. 

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Oil & Gas Produced Waters 

Saltworks understands the challenges associated with produced water in unconventional oil & gas. Leverage our advanced technology, process engineering expertise, and experience treating produced waters from shale, enhanced oil recovery, and oil sands to help you reduce operating costs and meet production targets. We provide solutions for minimizing offsite disposal, improving hydrocarbon recovery, reducing polymer consumption, and protecting injection well assets.


Oil & Gas Produced Waters
Wastewater Disposal Truck for Brine Management

Shale Gas

Shale produced water is returned over the life of the well and often has salinity, volatile organic compounds, and NORMs. When produced water accumulates, for example due to less reuse, Saltworks can help. We provide end-to-end leased solutions that reduce volume while safely managing NORMs and volatile emissions. The result is reliable onsite treatment that significantly lowers your trucked disposal costs.

Enhanced Oil Recovery 

Polymer flood enhanced oil recovery (EOR) returns produced water that is often more saline. However, polymer consumption increases dramatically with salinity. Saltworks’ advanced solutions can reduce polymer consumption and deliver recycled injection water with lower hardness and suspended solids which can improve well performance. Let us help improve you improve hydrocarbon recovery and lower operating costs.

Enhanced Oil Recovery pilot treatment
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Our advanced sensors operate on challenging high TDS flows, so you can monitor sulfate levels in real-time to protect injection wells from scaling and to maximize nanofiltration recovery in enhanced oil recovery.

Oil & Gas Related Products

BrineRefine Chemical Softening System

Smart, compact, modular chemical system that reduces costs with precise dosing and built-in solids management. Improves recovery & minimizes fouling risk with intelligent controls that communicate with downstream assets, like RO or evaporators. More ...


An automated, real-time sensor for saline water that measures calcium (Ca2+), barium (Ba2+), sulfate (SO42-) ions and silica (SiO2). ScaleSense is robust and corrosion-resistant and functions accurately and precisely, even at extremely high-TDS. More ...

SaltMaker AirBreather Evaporator Crystallizer

The first evaporator-crystallizer with no atmospheric contact, important for water with volatile organics. Choose between no liquid water return or clean water that is safe for discharge. More ...

XtremeRO/NF Brine Concentrator

Next-generation water-maker and brine-concentrator based on reverse osmosis that achieves extreme freshwater recoveries, enabling cost-effective brine management and treatment of challenging organic-laden waters including oil & gas produced waters. More ...

Oil & Gas Related Resources

enhanced oil recovery pilot oil and gas

Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Produced Water Desalination

Saltworks completed two successful live oil field pilots, desalinating enhanced oil recovery (EOR) produced water. The objectives were to lower the clients’ polymer consumption costs and improve the quality of injection water, in order to improve hydrocarbon recovery and lower operating cost. These objectives were met, with over 97% up-time.

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Fracking Site With Wastewater Treatment Needs

Frac & Shale Water Management, Treatment Costs & Options

Although there are many water management options available for shale operators, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. It is important to understand the costs, alternatives, and technical limitations of each option and develop a blended water management strategy.

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Managing Shale Water and NORM

Shale water management starts with understanding the distinct types of water, their uses, and their volumes. This will enable better management of the site’s water balance to ensure there is the right amount of water available when needed and excess water does not exceed your storage capacity.

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