Agricultural Wastewater Treatment

Water treatment solutions for reuse and recycling in conventional and indoor agriculture

As demand for nutritious, high-quality produce grows, agriculture is advancing to meet it. Many producers have challenges with either water supply or disposal. We help with everything from brackish water desalination to wastewater treatment for reuse or safe discharge.

Water and Agriculture 

Wastewaters from agriculture are complex, with challenges such as salinity, fertilizers, pesticides, compounds, animal slurries, ammonia, and more.


Saltworks’ suite of technologies economically treats a broad range of waters, producing fresh water that is safe for discharge or use. We provide solutions that achieve your treatment goals such as:

  • Reducing freshwater demand
  • Reusing wastewater and maximizing water recoveries
  • Recycling fertilizer
  • Meeting discharge requirements and reducing liabilities
  • Reducing waste volume, thereby reducing trucking
  • Managing nutrient levels
  • Injecting acid/base to balance pH and alkalinity.
Photo of an automated water irrigation system in a greenhouse
Photo of a vertical farm with internal lighting and closed loop water systems

Vertical Farming & Advanced Agriculture

High intensity facilities such as greenhouses and vertical farms use vastly lower quantities of land, chemicals, and water than traditional agriculture, but may experience higher energy costs. With appropriate systems, most of the water involved can be reused and with newer technologies, power consumption can be minimized.


However, as with all agriculture, a careful balance of pH, alkalinity, and nutrient content must be struck to maximize yields and other qualities such as appearance and flavour. Furthermore, wastewater which cannot be reused may face strict requirements for discharge or disposal. 


Most of the water used in advanced agricultural facilities can be recovered, re-enriched with nutrients, and reused. Saltworks can help to treat water for reuse, balance nutrient content and pH, or treat for discharge.


Reuse, Discharge, and Disposal

Many wastewaters can be treated to regenerate high-quality freshwater. Depending on different factors, reusing or disposing of wastewater may be advantageous. When reuse is not economical, wastewater that cannot be reused may face strict requirements for discharge or disposal.


We help clients to achieve an economic balance best-suited to their project. Our solutions:

  • Target specific ions that are pollutants of concern,
  • Achieve extreme reverse osmosis recoveries, 
  • Reduce brine volume to minimal or zero liquid discharge (ZLD/MLD),
  • Remove heavy metals, scaling ions, & ammonia, and
  • Filter suspended solids & hydrocarbons.

Contact us with your water chemistry, flow rates, and treatment goals for an options assessment today. We have mobile pilot plants ready to prove performance, with on- and off-site options.

Photo of an irrigation system used in agriculture

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Food and Beverage Industry Wastewaters

Water is essential to food and beverage manufacturers. Whether you want to reach circular economy goals, or simply improve your bottom line, Saltworks can help. We have solutions for meeting discharge limits, recycling wastewater, and minimizing brine waste.

Photo of a Saltworks engineer testing and inspecting water in an industrial wastewater treatment process

Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Heavy industry, manufacturing, and natural resource-based industries often use large volumes of water and generate wastewaters requiring treatment. Saltworks designs, builds, and operates advanced wastewater treatment plants that economically and reliably treat tough industrial wastewaters.

A photo of a wastewater disposal truck used in brine management

How to Manage Brine Disposal & Treatment

The many options for managing brine, a term for saline wastewater from industrial processes, fall under two categories: brine treatment and brine disposal. Brine treatment involves desalinating the brine for reuse and producing a concentrated brine (lower liquid waste volume), or residual solids (zero liquid discharge).