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Saltworks Technologies treats the toughest waters. We deliver innovative solutions that make clean water, concentrate brine, and achieve zero liquid discharge (ZLD). With plants sold worldwide and repeat orders from major international customers, Saltworks has an established history of designing, building, and operating full-scale water treatment systems. 


At our world class manufacturing facility we construct smart, modular plants that can be rapidly delivered and installed. We build extreme recovery membrane systems to concentrate brines and selectively remove ions at lower cost. Our optimized BrineRefine compact softener, XtremeRO reverse osmosis systems, and Flex EDR electrodialysis reversal (EDR) platform combine novel processes with intelligent controls to squeeze down waste volumes. In our thermal product line, the SaltMaker evaporative crystallizer treats almost any brine, without chemical pre-treatment, to produce solids in a single plant.


Saltworks’ dedicated technical experts are ready to de-risk your investments through free upfront process analysis. Our fleet of mobile pilot plants can prove performance at the job site or our Richmond, Canada headquarters. We partner with clients to deliver optimized industrial desalination and brine management. Contact us to learn more.


Saltworks is an award-winning, privately-held Canadian corporation, with minority shareholders that recognize the value of reliable industrial desalination: BP, Teck Resources, Cenovus Energy, Conoco-Phillips, and Knight Piésold Engineering.

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Management Team

Benjamin Sparrow, Chief Executive Officer  
Ben is a Professional Engineer, business leader, and innovator. He thrives on working with customers and leading Saltworks' team of engineers, scientists, and builders to develop innovative solutions. Prior to co-founding Saltworks, Ben designed and delivered major capital projects in the power industry.

Joshua Zoshi, Chief Operating Officer  
Josh co-founded Saltworks with Ben and runs all operating aspects of the company. He holds both an engineering degree and an MBA.

Dr. Xiangchun Yin, Chief Technology Officer (Flex EDR)  
Dr. Yin is a highly skilled chemist with a keen view to developing practical and economic solutions. He received his PhD in polymer chemistry and has contributed dozens of patents to Saltworks' EDR technology.

Malcolm Man, Executive Vice President  
Malcolm is an engineer with an MBA who leads Saltworks' customer-facing initiatives. He ensures customer needs are exceeded for every project, while also delivering 100% on scope, schedule and budget.

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