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Saltworks provides innovative products and solutions for industrial wastewater treatment and lithium refining. Our focus is on enabling recycling and reuse, targeting specific contaminants of concern, and concentrating brine for minimal and zero liquid discharge.





Saltworks provides cutting-edge products and solutions for industrial wastewater treatment and desalination. We were founded in 2008 with the goal of treating the toughest wastewaters at the lowest total cost and environmental footprint. We focus on recycling and reuse, removing specific contaminants, and concentrating brine for minimal and zero liquid discharge.

SaltMaker Zero Liquid Discharge
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Our innovative product range includes chemical, membrane, and thermal technologies, robust sensors, and smart process controls. We sell our products worldwide, with an established history of designing, building, and operating full-scale plants for major international customers. Our headquarters, located in Richmond, BC, Canada, houses our world-class manufacturing and R&D facilities.

We offer comprehensive process design, a mobile pilot plant fleet to prove performance at your site or ours, and smart, modular systems based on our award-winning technology and integrating with third parties. Our forward-thinking team of technical experts, skilled builders, and business leaders are dedicated to solving our customers’ specific challenges. Contact us to find out how we can meet your wastewater treatment needs.

Our Process

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Send us your unique water treatment challenge.

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Our engineers study your specific treatment requirements, including chemistry, regulations, and economics.

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We propose solutions that meet your needs. If we're not the best fit, then we'll point you in the right direction.

Leadership Team

Photo of Ben Sparrow

Benjamin Sparrow, CEO

Ben is a Saltworks co-founder, business leader, and innovator. He thrives on working with customers and leading Saltworks’ team of engineers, scientists, and builders to deliver innovative solutions. Ben holds numerous patents in industrial desalination which form part of Saltworks’ product line. He is a Professional Engineer and holds a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Alberta, and an MBA from Simon Fraser University.

Joshua Zoshi

Joshua Zoshi, COO

Josh is a Saltworks co-founder. He runs all aspects of Saltworks’ operations and is an early contributor to the company’s technology portfolio. His background includes semiconductors, software, and advanced materials. Josh holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering degree and an MBA from Simon Fraser University.

Malcolm Man

Malcolm Man, Executive VP

Malcolm leads Saltworks’ business development and customer-facing initiatives. His background includes decades of experience in environmental and clean technology, including remediation and renewable energy. Malcolm holds a Master of Science in Environmental Engineering degree from the University of Southern California and an MBA from the University of British Columbia.

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