Landfill Leachate Treatment

Treat any landfill leachate in one step for sewer or surface discharge. Reduce disposal and off-site trucking costs.

SaltMaker MultiEffect Evaporator Crystallizer is an on-site one step zero liquid discharge (ZLD) landfill leachate treatment system to reduce disposal and off-site trucking.

Treat any leachate to produce a highly concentrated brine or solids, and freshwater for sewer or surface discharge. Landfill gas can be used as the thermal energy source.

Solutions for:

  • Landfill leachate
  • RO reject
  • MBBR effluent
  • MBR effluent
  • Ammonia treatment

Benefit from:

  • One step ZLD leachate onsite treatment, reduce offsite trucking
  • Extreme brine concentration (50%+ total solids) and solids production
  • Meet surface discharge regulations
  • Treat any leachate without pre-treatment
  • Treat RO effluent, reduce volume
  • Simple, safe, modular
  • Zero air emissions options
  • Low operating costs
  • Mobile pilot plants available
  • Nitrogen gas (no fertilizer fuss)
  • Compact, bolt-on to existing plants

Our Technologies

Xtreme Reverse Osmosis device Saltworks Technologies


  • Technology advancements in reverse osmosis are enabling its second generation application to challenging waters.
  • XtremeRO enables this second generation with: scale and organic management, new membrane products, and advanced process controls that can treat organic laden waters and concentrate brines up to 130,000 mg/L.

  • True zero liquid discharge
  • Self cleaning and reliable
  • Produce manageable concentrated brine or solids
  • Landfill gas + leachate = freshwater
  • Open to atmosphere lower cost, higher capacity, evaporator including solids capability

  • Pair with low cost thermal energy
  • Actively manage volatile risks

Project Summaries

The SaltMaker Evaporator Crystallizer has been proven on multiple raw landfill leachates and leachate RO brines. 

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