Strategic Technical Services

Assess options, de-risk, and optimize your project

Our process experts employ creativity and data driven models to assess and present options that meet your challenge statement. We work with clients and EPCs to optimize and improve project outcomes through our in-house modelling, piloting, production and operational expertise.

Analyzing Your Project Options

Each industrial water and lithium project is unique with multiple valid solutions that trade-off cost, risk, and opportunity. Start on the right path with Saltworks’ quantitative analysis of available options which considers your project’s specific: 

  • treatment goals,
  • reliability and performance,
  • total cost of ownership, balancing capital and operating costs
  • recovery of value,
  • management of residual wastes or brines.

Your time is important. Our experts routinely develop, model, and test novel process and control solutions for industrial water and lithium challenges.

Photo of a full-scale SaltMaker ChilledCrys skid
A full-scale SaltMaker ChilledCrys skid

We provide rapid turnaround on initial assessments to help clients map their options. We collaborate with you or your EPC while leveraging our in-house models, proprietary data, and first-hand knowledge of full-scale cost and performance. Our clients save time and money by de-risking and optimizing before investing in pilot projects or full-scale plants.

Photo of a Saltworks employee inspecting the electrical panel in a BrineRefine chemical reactor plant
A Saltworks employee factory commissioning a BrineRefine plant

Design Optimization & Risk Management

Key project considerations may include:

  1. Optimizing the trade-off between cost and recovery of freshwater, value, or other products
  2. Reliability and fouling risk management
  3. Energy efficiency and management
  4. Chemical consumption optimization
  5. Regulatory compliance
  6. Final residuals minimization and disposal

Advancing to Bench and Pilot Tests

After modelling your process, and sensitivity analysis is completed, an informed decision can be made to advance to bench tests and pilot programs that test design, demonstrate performance and ensure results reflect project scale-up conditions.

Our fleet of pilot plants and skilled engineers are ready to prove performance at our testing facilities for full-scale clients. Advancing your project in stage-gated increments can help manage risk while re-evaluating process design at each test completion milestone.

Photo of a Saltworks technician operating a BrineRefine pilot unit
Saltworks technician operating a BrineRefine pilot unit
Photo of a full-scale, 2-module, Saltworks BrineRefine plant
A full-scale, 2-module, Saltworks BrineRefine plant

Bring Us Your Challenges

Leverage our comprehensive understanding of water and lithium processes. Being an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) with in-house process models, pilots, data sets and operational experience, we can efficiently and directly advance your project.  


Contact us now to begin optimizing your processes. 

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