Advanced electrodialysis reversal system

FlexEDR is an advanced electrodialysis reversal (EDR) platform that leverages our next-generation ion exchange membranes. It requires less pre-treatment, tolerates oils and organics, selectively removes ions and uses fewer chemicals than competing technologies.

For the Most Rugged Applications

Saltworks’ FlexEDR is designed and built with:

  • Our robust, highly ductile IonFlux ion exchange membranes.
  • Intelligent automation including self-cleaning to maintain peak performance.
  • Modular skids for easy deployment and project integration.
  • Fewer pre-treatment requirements for operation with oils, organics, and particles smaller than 20 μm.
  • No chemical softening requirements because patented electrode protection blocks hardness out of the EDR electrolyte, so hardness does not need to be removed before treatment.
FlexEDR Electrodialysis Reversal Stack Inside a Saltworks Technologies Pilot Plant
Play Video about Monovalent electrodialysis stack

FlexEDR Organix

Desalt Organics-Containing Wastewaters & Produced Water

FlexEDR Organix desalinates wastewater and produces water with high concentrations of organics. It

  • Treats oily wastewaters, which swell conventional membranes, with resilient, next-generation IonFlux membranes.
  • Reduces the need for complex pre-treatment.
  • Desalts high organic wastewaters unsuitable for reverse osmosis—leave the organics in, take the salt out.

Desalt Produced Water for Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)

Remove more oil and reduce consumption of polymers in EOR:

    • Save substantially on polymer costs by desalting produced water as your make-up water.
    • Reduce disposal and make-up water costs by economically desalinating produced water for reinjection at lower salinities.
    • Reuse some polymers in produced water by desalinating with FlexEDR Organix.

FlexEDR Selective

Remove Ions With Game-Changing Selectivity

Conventional EDR pulls all ions across ion exchange membranes under an electric field, without a membrane pressure differential. However, FlexEDR Selective:

  • Removes specific ions using state-of-the-art ion exchange membranes with 98% monovalent ionic selectivity (e.g. lithium or separation of chlorides from sulfates).
  • Changes brine chemistry without softening to reach the full potential of reverse osmosis systems and produce more freshwater for reuse.
  • Is tunable and can be applied in different configurations based on the ionic separation needed for each application.

Highly Selective Separation and Extraction

  • Extract chlorides from circulating water to enable greater internal recycling or reduce corrosion.
  • Refine sodium chloride from complex saline streams.
Photo of a FlexEDR E150 stack with a transparent background
Photo of a FlexEDR stack in a full-scale plant with a Saltworks Engineer

FlexEDR™ Services

Maximize Your FlexEDR Investment

  • Saltworks provides a full suite of FlexEDR™ services to help you achieve the optimal solution for industrial desalination, brine treatment, volume reduction, and chemical recovery applications:
    • Initial consultation and technical advice to understand treatment options, management, and balancing capital and operating costs.
    • Process design for maximum recovery and optimal integration with your other treatment process.
    • Engineering and design services to build and quality assure your full-scale plant.
    • Bench and pilot testing services, including mobile systems for rapid on-site deployment.
    • Comprehensive support including testing and remote monitoring.
    • R&D capability for unique applications.

Contact us to see if FlexEDR is the right fit for your water treatment process.

Looking for more in-depth knowledge on electrodialysis reversal? Learn exactly what EDR is and about its new innovations. 

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