Lithium Test Center

Advance your lithium project with our in-house lithium mini-refineries and lithium processing experts

Saltworks' Lithium Test Center combines expertise and industry-leading technology to provide innovative solutions for processing lithium chloride into battery-grade outputs. The Center is dedicated to de-risking lithium processing projects and accelerating full-scale implementation.

Our Mission: Accelerating Lithium Projects 

Saltworks offers chemical, membrane, and thermal technologies—discrete units or comprehensive systems, as needed—for the lithium industry. We focus on helping our clients to concentrate, refine, and convert lithium brines, including direct lithium extraction (DLE) eluents, to battery-grade lithium solids, including hydroxide and carbonate.

The mission of the Lithium Test Center is to enable the clean energy transition by fast-tracking projects that produce high-grade lithium solids. We put our clients on the path to optimizing the economics and output purity of their lithium projects.

Photo of battery-grade lithium solids prepared in Saltworks' Lithium Test Centre.
Refined lithium carbonate prepared in Saltworks' Lithium Test Center
Photo of a Saltworks technician operating a BrineRefine pilot unit
A Saltworks lithium specialist with a pilot BrineRefine system

Increasing Access to Expertise and Technology

The Lithium Test Center is located at Saltworks’ headquarters, where we also build our full-scale solutions.

The Center is staffed by scientists and engineers with deep lithium refining expertise and features two in-house mini-refineries. We move quickly, using our experience and suite of pilot assets to test and demonstrate the performance of our full-scale solutions.

At the Center, we optimize process flow diagrams, mass balances, and economic models, and provide upfront engineering and pilot testing—all to provide essential de-risking for your project

Reach Out to Us Today

Download our brochure and contact us today to learn more about our facilities and how we can support your full-scale plant design and deployment.

We guarantee confidentiality for staged project work and offer a range of services to help you get started, including upfront analysis, pilot testing options, and guidance on chemistry for lithium processing.

Let us help you concentrate, refine, and convert the lithium outputs from your facility into high-quality products that will power the clean energy transition.

Photo of a Saltworks XtremeUF pilot unit
One of Saltworks' pilot XtremeUF ceramic ultrafiltration systems.

Learn more about the Lithium Test Center in our detailed brochure.

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