Automotive Manufacturing

Water solutions for vehicle manufacturing

Automotive industries generate unique wastewaters from metallurgical processes, painting, rubber and tire manufacturing, and more. Saltworks helps to manage manufacturing wastewater flows. We target metals, ions, organics, and more. We will reduce your brine waste, and allow water reuse.

Automotive Wastewaters

Water is essential to many key processes in automotive manufacturing. As the industry continues to grow in scale and complexity, so do its wastewaters. Saltworks can help with these challenges, including:

  • Reducing loads of chemicals such as sulfates, cyanide, or ammonia in wastewater.
  • Reducing suspended solids to a low level using robust, ceramic ultrafiltration.
  • Selectively precipitating metals for removal in a compact plant with intelligent automation.
  • Brine Management such as recovering water from reverse osmosis brine and ion exchange resin regeneration waste.
Automotive Manufacturing
Filter Press Producing Solids selective removal

Metals & Sulfates

Heavy metals such as arsenic (As), nickel (Ni), and cobalt (Co) can be removed with our BrineRefine and XtremeUF systems. Together, they can concentrate slurries to the extreme, reducing the hydraulic load on filter presses and operators, thereby reducing costs. 99% water recovery can be achieved, with the only waste being a minimized solid filter cake. See our IonSelect solutions to learn more.


Resin sand casting is used in the automotive industry, which generates an air emission. Some projects use wet scrubber systems for air treatment to, producing a sodium sulfate-rich blowdown wastewater requiring treatment. Depending on the specific needs, we can treat this water with one, or combinations of our products:

Brine Management

Saltworks’ brine management solutions can produce clean water from reverse osmosis brines, ion exchange regeneration wastes, and other concentrated saline waters. Our experts can help you to understand your brine minimization options, and the costs involved in taking each incremental step.


For membrane systems, we can maximize recovery from brines and wastewaters with our ScaleSense real-time ion-specific sensors, or our XtremeRO brine concentrator.


After membrane system recovery has been optimized, our thermal desalination solutions from the SaltMaker family of modular, fully packaged industrial evaporator-crystallizers can help you to achieve minimal (MLD) or zero liquid discharge (ZLD). Waste heat-driven options are available.


Contact us to learn more about our solutions for automotive manufacturing wastewaters.

Truck for Brine Management

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