BrineRefine—Modular Chemical Reactor

Automated, fully packaged, flexible chemical reactor system 

BrineRefine is a smart, compact, and modular continuous stirred tank reactor (CSTR). It executes chemical reactions efficiently and with a high degree of precision. Combine BrineRefine with our other systems to maximize reverse osmosis recovery, remove contaminants-of-concern, or produce valued precipitates such as lithium carbonate. 

BrineRefine: Chemical Reactor Re-Invented

Whether in an industrial wastewater treatment chain or refining and producing battery-grade lithium products, BrineRefine optimizes whole processes with excellent controls, economics, intelligent automation, and reliability. It excels in addressing variability in water chemistry.


BrineRefine is designed with modularity, automation, and simple solids management at its heart. A continuous stirred-tank reactor (CSTR) system, BrineRefine consists of modular, factory-built ISO skids with built-in redundancy and expansion capability.

Photo of a full-scale, 2-module, Saltworks BrineRefine plant
Full-scale BrineRefine plant with two modules

Application Examples

BrineRefine removes impurities in lithium brines by precipitating metals, magnesium, or calcium. BrineRefine also produces lithium carbonate (Li2CO3) and refines it to >99.9% purity. Our lithium infographic gives more information on the processing of lithium brines as produced by direct lithium extraction (DLE).

BrineRefine was originally developed to remove scaling ions in a precise modular package without the need for coagulation, flocculation, and large clarifiers. When partnered with XtremeUF, the combination minimizes footprint while protecting downstream RO membrane health. The package communicates with downstream assets such as reverse osmosis systems—optimizing performance and freshwater recovery and managing scaling risk.


Integrate with XtremeRO to achieve 50% less brine than conventional solutions, with concentrations up to 130,000 mg/L TDS.

Photo of a Saltworks engineer inspecting a BrineRefine system

BrineRefine can target and remove specific contaminants, such as cyanide, sulfates, or phosphates, avoiding the need for more complex and expensive treatment. Selectively removing one or two constituents of concern to meet a specific treatment or reuse goal is often the most cost-efficient approach, rather than treating an entire stream to freshwater standards.

A 3D render of a full-scale BrineRefine system with 2 modules (4 reactors).

As a modular and highly automated CSTR system, BrineRefine has broad applicability to many chemical processes. For unique projects with atypical challenges or opportunities, BrineRefine is customizable and adaptable. We have engineered BrineRefine to be a modular flexible platform. Our team is ready to take on your challenge, with pilot plants available to prove performance.

Photo of a BrineRefine pilot and testing unit
BrineRefine pilot and testing unit

Decrease Your Chemical Costs 

BrineRefine keeps treatment or production chains on specification. It avoids expensive and imprecise manual dosing by relying on automated controls, drastically reducing the need for operator intervention, maintenance, and monitoring. It incorporates a one-step, simple solids management system.


Reach out to our experts to discover how BrineRefine fits into your project.

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Photo of a full-scale, 2-module, Saltworks BrineRefine plant

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