BrineRefine Chemical Softening System

Increase recovery, limit operating costs, and reduce footprint.


BrineRefine is a smart, compact, and modular chemical softening system. It reduces chemical softening costs with precision dosing and a simple solids management system. Improve your recovery and minimize fouling risk with BrineRefine’s intelligent controls that communicate with downstream assets, like RO or evaporators.

Chemical Softening Re-Invented

  • Designed with modularity, automation and simple solids management to avoid flocculation and large clarifiers.
  • Optimizes the entire treatment train for maximum performance by absorbing variability in water chemistry and communicating with downstream reverse osmosis assets.
  • No use of coagulants or flocculants.
  • Modular, factory-built ISO container skids with built-in redundancy and expansion capability.

Maximize Water Recovery from Your RO System

  • Entirely removes RO membrane fouling risk associated with aluminium gels from chemical softening agents.
  • Communicates with the downstream RO system to optimize performance and manage risk by avoiding costly membrane scaling.
  • Integrates with our Xtreme RO technology to reduce brine volumes by 50% and achieve brine concentrations of up to 130,000 mg/L TDS. This is half the brine volume of a conventional RO system.
Reverse Osmosis Membrane Systems
Chemical Softening System called Brine Refine

Decrease Your Membrane Treatment Costs

  • Absorb variability in inlet water chemistry by intelligent automation to keep you on specification.
  • Avoid expensive and imprecise manual chemical dosing by relying on our intelligent controls and precise dosing system.
  • Reduce the need for operator intervention, maintenance and monitoring.
  • One step, simple solids management system. No floc, no fuss and no large footprint clarifiers.

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