Lithium Extraction and Refining

Improve and accelerate lithium recovery processes.

Separate lithium ions from other ionic contaminants or concentrate lithium brines to reduce evaporation time or improve recovery. Every lithium source and water chemistry is different. Contact us to see how the products below can cost effectively extract lithium from your brines.

Selectively Separate Lithium

  • Separate lithium ions from divalent contaminating ions, such as magnesium and calcium, to improve the purity of your brine with Flex EDR Selective.
  • Monovalent cation exchange membranes can remove and concentrate lithium and sodium, leaving behind magnesium and calcium. Add soda ash to precipitate lithium carbonate.

Concentrate Lithium Brines

  • Drive up the concentration of lithium in your brines with our Xtreme RO technology that achieves as much as double the brine concentration of conventional reverse osmosis systems.
Lithium Symbol

Refine Lithium Brines

  • Achieve precision chemical softening and simplified solids management in a modular compact skid with BrineRefine.
  • Avoid large clarifiers and the fuss of floc and sludge management.
  • Make your desired lithium products: lithium carbonate, lithium chloride, lithium phosphate, or lithium hydroxide.

Accelerate and Improve
Your Crystallization Processes

  • Concentrate and crystalize lithium brines with the SaltMaker MultiEffect Evaporator Crystallizer.
  • Use low grade heat and the modular SaltMaker to concentrate brines and produce solids, with options for selective crystallization at different temperatures in its multiple effects.
  • Got waste heat? Use the higher capacity SaltMaker AirBreather, an open-to-air evaporator with built-in VOC management, to reduce the volume of your wastewater.

Looking for more in-depth knowledge about lithium extraction and processing?

Read our blog on Lithium Brine Extraction Technologies and Approaches.

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