Xtreme RO Brine Concentrator

A next-generation brine concentrator based on reverse osmosis that achieves extreme freshwater recoveries, enabling cost effective brine management. Leverage reverse osmosis membranes rated at 1200 psi (80 bar), or new ultra high pressure reverse osmosis (UHP RO) membranes rated at 1800 psi (120 bar) to their maximum extent.  

Shrink Your Brine Volume

  • Double Your Recovery: Reach up to 2x higher RO brine TDS concentrations of ~130,000 mg/L and cut your brine volume in half with ultra high pressure reverse osmosis (UHP-RO). 
  • Drop Treatment Expense: Partnered with BrineRefine smart chemical softening system, Xtreme RO can reach the osmotic pressure limits of reverse osmosis without scaling. This means less brine waste with lower costs and energy use. 
  • Reduce Disposal Costs: By producing less brine waste with this system, send less brine to your evaporator, deep wells, evaporation ponds and trucks.
Xtreme Reverse Osmosis device Saltworks Technologies
RO System

Remove Scale Risk

  • Remove the Root Cause of Scale: After maximizing primary RO recovery, we place our automated chemical softening system, BrineRefine, upstream of a secondary RO to remove ions that cause scale and cost-optimize downstream processing.
  • Integrated Automation: Built-in intelligence continuously adjusts operation to prevent scale formation and ensure peak performance, while also communicating between upstream and downstream treatment assets to deliver value to your entire treatment train.
  • Packaged System: Available in modular skids that can be added as your needs change. The skids are built from off-the-shelf components and fully factory tested.

Tailored Delivery

  • Two Models: Choose from 1200 psi conventional RO and our new 1800 psi ultra-high pressure reverse osmosis systems designed to run at high recoveries while preventing fouling.
  • Open Source: We share our advanced RO mechanical and process design with customers and vendors, so that you can build Xtreme RO and BrineRefine into any application.
Saltworks Engineers Working at an Ammonia Splitter Pilot Plant 1

Looking for more in-depth knowledge about scaling or reverse osmosis? Read our blog about RO & Evaporator Scale Control. 

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