Remote Operations Asset Management (ROAM)

24/7 support, instant access to expert operators, reporting, and proactive maintenance alerts

Trust our Remote Operations Asset Management services to support your water treatment and refinement systems with precision control. You will receive 24/7 instant access to our expert remote operations center team.

Remote Operations Center (ROC)

Saltworks’ remote operating center works in conjunction with our advanced Digital Modular Systems for industrial desalination and lithium refining.

Our ROC team works within the constraints of your IT system to safely review operational data while keeping it secure. We work to remotely train new staff on your team, proactively monitor and increase performance, support maintenance and maximize plant uptime.

Saltworks’ ROC offers:

  • Monitoring from Saltworks’ skilled remote operators,
  • Instant expert support via phone, email, or real-time chat,
  • Your data is secured by industry-standard encryption.
A photo of a Saltworks team member contacting the remote asset operations management team from a plant
A Saltworks technician adjusting a DMS unit process
A screenshot of a remote operations asset management system analysis dashboard

Monitoring, Analytics​ & Alerts

Our highly digitized systems give our clients access to advanced insights and predictive analytics to enable data-driven decision-making.

In tandem with standardized performance and reporting, Saltworks’ monitoring and analytics services include:

  • Daily summary reports & critical plant performance markers,
  • Analyze and benchmark plant performance against our operations database,
  • Predictive maintenance analytics to increase uptime,
  • Managed inventory & spare parts to ensure you have what you need when you need it,
  • Protects your plant in an emergency by remote wash, hibernation, or shutdown procedures,
  • Step‐by‐step site operation assistance for maintenance procedures & troubleshooting.

Contact our team today to discuss advanced asset management via Saltworks’ remote operations center.