Remote Operations Asset Management (ROAM)

24/7 support, instant access to expert operators, reporting, and proactive maintenance alerts

Trust our Remote Operations and Asset Management service to support your water treatment systems 24/7 with precision control. You will receive instant access to our expert operations team, proactive maintenance alerts, emergency remote shutdown, and a customized reporting dashboard.

Peace of Mind for Your Plant​

  • Get peace of mind from knowing our skilled remote operations experts are monitoring your plant 24/7.
  • Instantly reach the remote operations team by phone, email, or web chat for real-time assistance.
  • Data between your plant and our ROAM centre is secured by industry-standard encryption.
A photo of a Saltworks team member contacting the remote asset operations management team from a plant
A screenshot of a remote operations asset management system analysis dashboard

Monitoring & Analytics​

  • We provide eyes on your plant when operators are off shift or temporarily away.
  • Daily summary reports with critical information for understanding your plant’s performance
  • Identify performance trends in plant operations with our detailed data.
  • Analyze and benchmark plant performance against our database of operations data.

Proactive Maintenance Alerts

  • Maximize plant uptime with our round-the-clock remote monitoring.

  • Managed inventory and spare parts ensure you have what you need, when you need it.

  • Protects your plant in the event of an emergency by remote wash, hibernation, or shutdown procedures.

  • Step‐by‐step assistance to site operators for maintenance procedures and troubleshooting.

Ask us if you have questions about ROAM.

A screenshot of ROAM's user interface

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